Guide To Renting Climate Controlled Storage Units in Torrance, CA

Are you moving into or out of Torrance, CA? People often think that when it comes to storing their belongings, any regular storage unit will do. 

How safe are your belongings when you put them in a non-climate-controlled storage unit? Items that are sensitive to high heat or humidity might not be safe at all. Especially in the area of Torrance, having a climate-controlled storage unit will save you money, time, belongings, and a headache. 

Oftentimes, we see people have a storage unit that isn’t climate-controlled, and when they unpack their belongings a year later, most of them are warped and destroyed. Instruments, important documents, photo albums, furniture, etc. will all get destroyed if they are not held in a unit that keeps the climate perfect.

If your item can warp or crack in extreme temperatures or humidity, it should go in a climate controlled space. Here are some examples of items that you may want to consider storing: 

  • Metal, leather, wood, fabric, and wicker furniture
  • Books and Documents
  • Musical Instruments
  • Vinyl Records
  • Electronics (computers, tvs, cameras)
  • Collectibles (art, wine, antiques)
  • Bedding, mattresses, and pillows
  • Medications or survival supplies

Unfortunately, extreme temperatures can wreak havoc on sensitive items. The good news is SecureSpace Self Storage offers premium but cost-effective climate-controlled storage units. 

Will you have to change storage units when seasons change? 

If you choose a climate-controlled unit, the answer is no! Moving all of your belongings every change of season can become exhausting and stressful. When you choose a storage unit that already provides the climate you need, the worry and stress of any of your belongings will go away.

Is it more expensive to have a climate-controlled storage unit?

Yes, and no. While most storage units in Torrance, CA that offer a climate-controlled unit are more expensive than those that don’t, the pro of having one is in the long-term, it will save you money. Imagine if you had all of your favorite items, family belongings, furniture, and photo albums in a unit that wasn’t stored with a controlled climate. You come to pick it up after a long summer, and you notice most of the items are warped, rustic, or destroyed. This would not only be expensive to replace them, but some of the items are truly irreplaceable. The price you pay for having a unit that will store your items in safety is worth it. 

Do You Need A Climate Controlled Storage Unit in Torrance, CA? 

There are many benefits to Climate Controlled Storage Units in Torrance, but just how much space is enough to fit everything you own, from kitchen appliances to heirloom furniture pieces? Let our size guide below give you an idea of what can suit your requirements.

Not sure what size you need? 

We’ll help you find the right size storage unit so you’ll get the most for your money. View the size calculator. 

5×5 climate-controlled storage unit

A 5×5 storage unit translates to 25 square feet or about 250 cubic feet of space. The equivalent of a small closet, you can easily store seasonal items like garden tools, holiday decorations, sports equipment, and clothing. 

5×10 climate-controlled storage unit

Equivalent to 50 square feet of storage space or about 500 cubic feet, this size is famous for its versatility. It can fit an entire bedroom or a small office. If you’re planning to remodel your space, this storage size can keep your furniture and possessions safe while construction work is ongoing.

5×15 climate-controlled storage unit

A 5×15 unit gives you 75 square feet or 750 cubic feet of space; this size is big enough to fit two rooms worth of things from your home or office. If you’re moving between locations, this size is excellent for storing appliances and larger pieces of furniture.

10×10 climate-controlled storage unit

This 100-square-feet unit fits an entire living room and two bedrooms worth of furniture or a small office.

10×15 climate-controlled storage unit

A 10×15 storage unit gives you 150 square feet to work with, which can hold the contents of about three bedrooms. It’s perfect for storing televisions, pianos, tables, and shelving.

10×20 climate-controlled storage unit

This massive 200-square-feet space can fit about five rooms worth of furniture, as well as larger appliances like washers, dryers, and refrigerators.

10×25 climate-controlled storage unit

That’s equivalent to 250 square feet of space! There’s plenty of room to fit everything from all the rooms of your home. Easily store beds, dining table and chairs, sofas, and garden furniture. There’s even space to fit in your RV or car. Consider this option if you’re moving overseas. If you have a business, this size is perfect for storing inventory. 

We Can Help

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