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We get deals done.

SecureSpace's permanent capital source, along with our decades of operating experience lets us underwrite quickly and close with confidence.

We pride ourselves in unlocking value from complicated deals, be it multiple stakeholders, complicated environmental issues, or developing creative purchase structures.

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Acquisition Criteria

SecureSpace pursues opportunities across the Self Storage product type.

We typically target high-growth and institutional markets but have a number of strategies to address smaller market opportunities that have the potential for high returns.

With our fully integrated platform we are interested in the full spectrum of acquisition opportunities including:


Lease Up

Certificate of Occupancy


Working with Brokers

Many of our best opportunities are sourced by local market brokers that have seen our platform in action and appreciate our ability to be flexible, fast moving, and creative in getting deals done.

For standout brokers we are happy to provide assistance and leads on interesting local market properties that we think are worth pursuing.

Direct Collaboration

Working with Owners

We love working directly with property owners to build win-win deal structures.

Outright purchase

It typically takes us less than 24 hours to make decisions around executing an LOI for purchase of a property that meets our criteria.

Creative purchases

Concerned about a tax burden or need to find an exchange property? Our team has collectively closed billions of dollars of commercial real estate transactions.

Joint ventures

We are happy to entertain Joint Venture opportunities ranging from partial purchase to helping unlock value from pads on your existing property to maximize highest and best use.

Creative financing

With the majority of our capital coming from institutional investors, we can bring sophisticated financial instruments and financing to help unlock additional value in your existing property.

Work with SecureSpace

Our Acquisition Process

With deep expertise in Self Storage we are able to quickly assess and respond to opportunities.

We are typically able to assess, underwrite, and make offers within 24 hours of deal notification and close within 30 days.

Have something we should look at?

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