How to keep musical instruments safe in temperature-controlled storage units

Carry on the harmony even through a move

Temperature-controlled storage unit for instruments

Did you know a temperature-controlled storage unit can help keep your instruments safe during a move or extended storage period? Instruments tend to have a lasting legacy all throughout families. You might have your great-grandmother’s piano, or maybe your son has a drumset he’s had since he was five, but going to college means he can’t necessarily bring it to the dorm. Or, maybe you’re a musical artist on the move to a city like Portland. 

When it comes to storing your instruments, there’s a lot that goes into ensuring your instrument will continue to carry on its legacy. If you are about to move your things into a storage unit, we have 5 tips for you on how to properly store your instruments! 

1. Find a case for your instrument

This may seem like a no-brainer, but when it comes to moving, some of the no-brainers are the ones we forget to do! When you are storing your instrument, make sure you can find a case to store it in. This will help keep the instruments from scratching, getting damaged, or rusting.

2. Clean the instrument 

Most times, instruments aren’t cleaned very thoroughly, especially prior to storing. If your instrument goes into storage while dirty, it can cause severe damage to the instrument. There are actually many dangers in not cleaning your instrument properly, causing infections or diseases. NEMC has an article on how to prevent those events from happening and how to specifically clean each instrument. 

3. Pack for security

When it comes to safely packing your belongings, you can never be too careful. Even after your instrument has been in its original case and cleaned thoroughly, we highly recommend finding even more packing supplies. Bubble wrap, blankets, wrapping, and towels will protect anything from chipping the instrument. 

4. Store with care

Moving can always be a hassle, and most times people want to get it done as soon as possible. This could be a mistake when packing anything in a storage unit, but especially instruments. If you have a piano, put it towards the back. If you have any wind instruments, make sure nothing will fall on it. When it comes to musical instruments, be thoughtful with storage placement. Be sure they’re easy to access, and the first thing to grab when moving back out of the unit. 

5. Store in a climate controlled storage unit 

This is extremely important. If your instrument isn’t in a temperature-controlled storage unit, it will warp and become damaged. This kind of damage will ruin your instrument and cause you to buy a new one. If you are storing this instrument for a prolonged time, it is not worth storing it in a unit that will inevitably ruin its beauty. 

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