SecureSpace Self Storage Offers Secure Vehicle Storage

If you live in the Torrance or W Carson area, you may be limited on driveway or garage space. When this is the case, but you have a valuable sport or vintage vehicle that you want to keep safe and secure, SecureSpace has you covered.

For The Love of Your Vehicle

Many people think of self storage when they need to put couches, TVs, and antiques in a climate-controlled environment. However, a storage unit or outdoor parking is an ideal solution for keeping even large trucks safe and out of the way. You can also store convertibles and off-road vehicles that you use only during the summer months. When you choose SecureSpace Self Storage, you can reserve online or come into our Torrance location to see storage units for yourself.

Bigger, Better, Safer

If you have a large truck, such as a flatbed work vehicle or extended crew cab, finding a storage facility with large enough accommodations can be a challenge. Not with SecureSpace. We offer vehicle storage with unit sizes of up to 12’ x 40’. You can even choose a climate-controlled storage unit that you can access seven days per week. You will always be in control, and your vehicle will be out of harm’s way and protected from dirt, UV rays, rain, and other threats.

Vehicle Storage FAQ

How do I prepare my vehicle for self storage?

Start by choosing a storage unit that fits your vehicle’s size. While our units run up to 12’ x 40’, something smaller may be ideal for your situation. Next, give your vehicle a good bath. Clean the interior and exterior. You should also keep it covered, even if you are in an indoor unit. Although storage units are clean and secure, the more you can eliminate dust from settling on your investment, the better. When your vehicle is in position, don’t pull the parking brake. This might damage your brake pads and, if your vehicle will be stored for an extended length of time, your pads and rotors may even fuse together.

What if I want to drive my car?

That’s not a problem. You can access your storage unit every day of the week using our electronic smart gate system. While you’re away, know that our enhanced security protocols are your eyes and ears. If you will not be driving your vehicle frequently, it can help to keep a portable air compressor handy in the off chance your tires deflate while it’s in your storage unit.

Can I change storage units if I want to upsize or downsize?

Absolutely. Because we operate on a month-to-month system, you are not locked into a contract, and you can change your storage unit at any time, pending availability. You may need a larger unit if you find it difficult to open the doors or position your vehicle safely inside.

How do I know it’s worth the investment?

You’ve likely put thousands to tens of thousands of dollars (or more) into your vehicle, whether it’s a car, truck, boat, motorcycle, or vintage automobile. You want to keep it safe, and our cost-effective car storage units are an exceptional value that can give you peace of mind while protecting the worth of your assets.

Visit SecureSpace Self Storage at 720 2W 220th St. in Torrance, CA