Storage Tips for New Homeowners in Clearwater and Largo Florida

Calling Clearwater or Largo Florida Home? Storing your personal items might look different than before. 

Have you just made a move to the beautiful Clearwater, FL or Largo, FL? If you have, you can already tell why many people love to call this place home. It’s filled with fantastic beaches and beautiful people. In any move, there are specific details you may not have been fully aware of until you moved to the new location, such as needing extra storage for your belongings. We can suggest that living in Clearwater, Florida or Largo, Florida, you will likely need to invest in a storage unit that is climate controlled, and here is why:

What does Climate Control in Clearwater or Largo FL mean?

There are storage units that have no control of climate, meaning when it’s hot outside, everything in the storage unit will be affected by the heat and humidity; the same goes for cold weather. When you have a climate-controlled unit, this feature will provide safety for each of your personal belongings, no matter the extreme weather temperatures.

What do you store in a climate-controlled space unit?

If you live in Clearwater, FL or Largo, FL, you know that heat can be unbearable, and it can start to affect your belongings. The most essential items to be kept in a climate-controlled unit are:

  • Furniture. The furniture that is made of leather or wood can become quickly damaged due to the heat.
  • Electronics. Electronics can vary between old DVD players, radios, old phones, and laptops. If electronics are left in extreme heat for an extended period of time, they might be damaged or have electrical components that stop working.
  • Books. Extreme heat will brittle and may cause mold to grow in books left in storage. Chances are, if you have kept books in storage, they probably have sentimental value and deserve a better climate. 
  • Artwork. If you are an artist or have kept all your children’s artwork from the years, storing them in a safe place will help keep those memories and masterpieces safe and alive for years to come.
  • Medical Supplies you are not using. Can you imagine all those pills melted because they are in the heat? Make sure to keep any unused equipment or supplies you might need in emergencies in a climate-controlled atmosphere.
  • Musical Instruments. Believe it or not, heat can highly affect the health of an instrument. All musical instruments should be stored in a climate-controlled environment. The instruments can become warped or destroyed, making them unusable or terrible to listen to. Most instruments would be affected by heat, causing them to go out of tune. Pianos are the worst culprits in an environment that is not climate-controlled.
  • Photographs must be taken care of, especially in the warm weather. They could melt and become more of a mess than saved memories. 
  • Important Documents need to be in a secure space and also a safe climate-controlled unit. These documents can’t spare being in the heat. 
  • Your family heirlooms and antiques should always be in a safe space; they are too valuable to risk! 
  • Clothes. If the heat is extreme enough, mold might start to grow on clothes that hold in moisture.
  • Sporting Equipment needs to be stored for protection, especially during off-seasons. 

There have been many people who have made the move to Clearwater FL or Largo FL and have noticed their need for a storage unit. It isn’t worth the expense of replacement if all your items are stored in an attic, causing each of those precious items to be damaged because of the heat. It is well worth your time and energy to find the perfect storage unit for you. 

Store your stress away. 

If you are one of the individuals described in this article — a newcomer to Clearwater, Florida or Largo, Florida, you live near the beach now! It would be stressful to find your items destroyed by the heat. 

We recommend storing your items in a climate-controlled storage unit. If you are looking for affordable units, we would love to talk with you about how you can keep stress away! Once you have all your items stored, you can start to enjoy having all the space you need for your living quarters. SecureSpace would be more than happy to provide you with the services and storage you need. Reach out to us today for a storage unit near Clearwater FL.