Stress-Free Storage Units Tips: How to Store Holiday Decor

Do you hear the sleigh bells ringing yet? The Holidays are coming up soon! It would be a shame if you went to pick up your holiday decorations at your storage unit and found them broken, destroyed, or worn down. If you find yourself in this predicament, it might be time for you to take some of the following advice for properly storing your holiday decorations to prevent this from happening next year:

How to Store Holiday Decorations Properly

A wide enough parking space. 

Parking may be the last thing you want to think about when choosing a storage unit, but considering how much you have to load and unload during the Holiday season, this is one crucial area to consider. Is your storage unit wide enough for your vehicle to back up and unload/load efficiently? 

Create a designated storage space for the holiday decorations. 

Nothing is more infuriating than knowing you stored your Holiday lights but cannot find them in all the boxes. The easiest way to prevent this is to choose a specific area in the unit that belongs to all Holiday decorations. Having a designated area will allow you to have an easy trip to the storage unit without worrying about which decorations are where. 

Pack the decorations in an organized way. 

Whenever most people pack up decorations, they typically want to put them away as fast as possible. There are very few times when that has helped in the long run. Below is an organized list that can prevent those moments from happening. 

  • Repurpose old/used gift wrapping and tissue. Instead of throwing it all out, keep it in a big trash bag to use when you start packing up all the holiday cheer. Using the gift wrap and tissue can save you money from buying bubble wrap, tissue paper, or newspaper that might transfer ink to your precious valuables.
  • Fragile ornaments should be placed at the top of your storage space, and it’s essential to leave that box until the very end. With how delicate those ornaments are, they are the easiest to break. 
  • Don’t let mice and rats inside your unit. Preventing unwanted decoration-”nibblers” means you’ll need to refrain from storing any ornaments that might have food bases in them. Some ornaments call for dough or other food items and will give pests an easy reason to cozy up in your storage unit for a midnight snack. 
  • Store garlands in large plastic containers to keep them from snagging at or ruining other decorations. The wreaths should be placed in a container to prevent damage.  
  • Holiday lights can be wrapped around empty wrapping paper tubes and taped to the ends. Wrapping them in this way is cost-effective and will save you the hassle of an untangling nightmare.
  • Label EVERYTHING. Label the boxes you tell yourself you’re sure you will remember. You never know how hectic the next year will be, so your memory might not be as good as you think it will be.
  • Make sure your tree is not only wrapped up but stored in a climate-controlled environment. 

Don’t make it impossible to load and unload in your space. 

The Holiday season can bring much cheer and joy, but packing everything up can add unnecessary stress. Save yourself future headaches by giving yourself room to move in and around boxes and furniture items in your storage unit.

Storage Units are the perfect place to store your decorations. 

If you don’t have a storage unit already, now might be a good time to invest in one. Having a storage unit can bring many benefits. Having somewhere to store your seasonal decorations means you’ll never have to see them until the following year. We have seen many people choose storage units just so they can keep their decorations there, saving them space in their homes for other decorations/furniture throughout the year. 

This Holiday season may be the first season where you have to find a storage unit for all your Holiday decorations. There are countless storage units to choose from, but choosing the wrong one may literally break your belongings. Make the right choice by storing your holiday decor with SecureSpace storage units. SecureSpace would be more than happy to help you find the storage unit that is perfect for you, not just for the Holiday season, for any storage need you might have. Contact us today!