Top 4 Things To Know Before Moving To Portland

The City Of Roses is a lively town with lots to do and see. You’ll also find a stable yet fast-moving real estate market and many beautiful neighborhoods to call home. But, before you head to your new hometown, you should know a few things about Portland.

Local Real Estate

As we asserted moments ago, the real estate market moves fast. As of July 2022, you can expect homes to sit on the market for a mere six days. You must be ready to make an offer and stand behind that. As such, you’ll need to have your affairs in order, including having a downpayment in hand and a credit score of at least 680, to be taken seriously at the offer table. You’ll also need to be ready to move, so now’s a great time to look at self-storage options so you aren’t scrambling to figure out what to do with your grandmother’s heirloom hutch at the last minute.

Nearby Colleges

If you’re moving to the Portland area with children, you should know they will have plenty of higher education options within an hour’s drive from home. Pacific University and George Fox University are two of the oldest private colleges in the area. These were founded in 1849 and 1891, respectively. If they plan to attend in-state and are on a budget, Portland State University and Clark College are excellent options that won’t completely drain your life savings.

History Of Portland

While you may spend your time focused on finding a place to live, don’t count out the colorful history of Portland. Portland was originally founded by settlers who claimed more than 2 ½ million acres of tribal land between 1830 and 1850. Portland was also active in the fur trade and the Oregon Trail. Today, the native community remains 70,000 strong, with indigenous people from more than 400 tribes. Many of these talented men and women are artists and makers that utilize SecureSpace’s self-storage to hold their handmade goods in between festivals – you never know who you may run into when you check your unit.

Portland Restaurants, Bars, and Entertainment

If you are a beer drinker, you’ll appreciate Portland’s dozens of local breweries. The area has been part of the craft beer scene since the 1980s and has even been nicknamed “Beervana.” A few of the top breweries to visit in the town are Great Notion and Hair of the Dog. More of a foodie? It’s time to loosen your belt buckle and sit down at Gracie’s Apizza, Bing Mi Food Cart, or St. Jack.

A final thing to remember is that Portland is considered one of the more eclectic cities in the United States. There are many characters here, but it is also highly environmentally conscious and appeals to millennials. Portland is laid-back, walkable, and has friendly neighborhood vibes around every corner. But, if you are planning to move here, get a self-storage unit soon because the house you fall in love with today won’t be on the market tomorrow.

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