25 Ideas For Designing A Craft Room At Home

Do you have a spare room at the house that’s currently gathering dust? Instead of using it as storage space, why not transform it into a craft room? Having a designated area for your creative hobbies can be a game-changer for any crafter, and it’s a great way to keep all your supplies organized and in one place. But how do you go about designing a functional and inspiring craft room?

In this article, we’ve compiled 25 craft storage ideas at home that will help you create the perfect area for your creative pursuits. We’ve covered you, from storage solutions to lighting and decor ideas. So grab your favorite notebook and take notes – your dream craft room is just a few steps away!

Install Vertical Shelving

When space availability is limited, opting for shelving is an optimal solution. Installing wall-mounted, vertical shelving is an excellent method for maintaining supplies in an orderly and accessible manner while using minimal space. Furthermore, this storage idea is highly beneficial in keeping the work area clutter-free, freeing up tables and floors, and providing ample space for creative endeavors.

Wall-mounted, vertical shelving is a highly efficient storage solution that involves securing shelving units to walls rather than placing them on the floor. This type of shelving is highly versatile and can be customized to fit any craft room’s unique requirements. This type of shelving system is available in various materials, including wood, metal, or plastic.

Wall-mounted, vertical shelving offers several advantages over traditional shelving units:

  1. It requires minimal space, making it ideal for smaller or cramped rooms.
  2. It keeps the workspace organized and tidy, which can help to improve productivity and creativity.
  3. It can be easily accessed, allowing crafters to find and retrieve their supplies quickly and efficiently.

Cubes & Crates Work, Too

Incorporating shelving into a craft room provides an opportunity to increase storage capacity and improve organization. A highly effective shelving idea involves concealing clutter using cubes and crates. This approach can store many crafting supplies, such as paint, yarn, beads, or drawing paper while maintaining an attractive aesthetic. Furthermore, labeling or color coding the cubes and crates can further enhance the craft room organization.

Shelving cubes and crates are storage units arranged in various configurations, providing customizable storage solutions. These units can be concealed behind doors or curtains, allowing crafters to cover even the unruliest messes while maintaining a visually pleasing aesthetic. Crafters can maximize storage capacity by stacking and arranging cubes and crates thoughtfully while creating a tidy workspace.

To further enhance the craft room organization, it is highly recommended to consider color coding or labeling the cubes and crates. This approach can assist in locating specific crafting supplies while minimizing the risk of misplacing items. Additionally, this method can simplify finding suitable materials for a project, increasing efficiency and productivity.

Aim for a Minimalist Feel

Spatial limitations often challenge craft room decorating ideas, but incorporating minimalist features can transform any room into a bright and airy workspace. Minimalism and crafting are natural companions, as embracing negative space enables crafters to focus on their projects and provides ample room to work.

Minimalism is a design style that prioritizes simplicity, functionality, and the elimination of unnecessary clutter. In a craft room set, embracing minimalist features allows crafters to maximize the available space, making it easier to move around and locate supplies. By removing unnecessary items and clutter, the focus can be on the task at hand, leading to greater productivity and creativity.

Incorporating minimalist features in a craft room can be achieved in several ways. For example, neutral colors such as white, beige, or light gray on walls and furniture can create a clean and calming environment. Choosing furniture with simple lines and shapes, and avoiding bulky or ornate pieces, can also enhance the minimalist aesthetic. Incorporating organizational tools such as shelving units, storage baskets, and wall-mounted tool holders can maximize available space and reduce clutter.

Light walls create a feeling of spaciousness.

When designing a small craft room, the color of the walls can significantly impact how the space feels. Dark colors make a room feel confined and create claustrophobia. On the other hand, lighter walls are more reflective, making a small craft room feel bigger and brighter.

Creating a comfortable and inviting craft room maximizes productivity and creativity. How the space feels can significantly impact how much time you spend in the room and what you accomplish. Your walls can be made more inviting and energizing by using natural light.

Light-colored walls, such as pale blues, soft yellows, or creamy whites, can make a small craft room more open and spacious. These colors reflect natural light, making the room brighter and more welcoming. In addition, incorporating natural elements such as plants, wooden accents, or textured fabrics can further enhance the room’s overall aesthetic, making it more inviting and comfortable.

Add Some Inspiring Art

Crafting is a deeply personal and inspirational endeavor, and it is essential to surround oneself with elements that foster creativity and motivation. When designing a craft room, one should consider incorporating inspiring art and decor that helps to ignite the creative process.

Craft room decor should serve as a sounding board for the next great craft project, providing inspiration and motivation for the crafter. This can include anything from art prints and posters to personal mementos and keepsakes. The key is to surround oneself with personally meaningful items that inspire creativity.

When selecting art and decor for a craft room, it is essential to consider the style and aesthetic of the space. The decor should complement the room’s overall design and create a cohesive and inviting atmosphere. Additionally, it is essential to consider the practical aspects of crafting, such as storage and organization, when selecting decor items.

Use a Pegboard for Wall Storage

Pegboards are versatile and practical solutions for efficient and customizable craft room storage. A pegboard can accommodate a wide range of craft supplies, including pens, pencils, paintbrushes, scissors, and more, all while conserving valuable space in a craft room.

In addition to its space-saving benefits, pegboards are highly customizable, allowing crafters to tailor their storage to fit their needs. Pegboards are available in various sizes, and the layout and arrangement of pegs can be easily modified to accommodate different types of supplies. A pegboard is an adaptable storage solution that meets the crafter’s needs.

Another advantage of using pegboard for craft room storage is that it keeps supplies visible and easily accessible. It can increase productivity and efficiency during crafting sessions, as supplies can be quickly and easily located. Moreover, pegboard can also serve as an attractive and decorative element in a craft room, enhancing the space’s overall aesthetic.

It’s Easy to Store Small Items With Buckets & Hooks

Craft room storage can be a creative and unconventional process, and a combination of mounted hooks and buckets is a prime example. Using this method, you can take full advantage of the vertical space in your craft room and free up valuable floor space. Moreover, the detachable buckets allow you to bring supplies to different workstations, increasing craft room efficiency and convenience.

Mounted hooks can be easily installed on walls and provide a sturdy and reliable way to hang buckets of varying sizes. These buckets store various craft supplies, including scissors, markers, rulers, and more. Using this storage method, you can keep your supplies within easy reach while keeping them neatly organized and off tables and floors.

The detachable nature of the buckets is a bonus, as it allows you to quickly bring your supplies to different areas of your craft room. Whether you need to move to a different workstation or want to take your supplies with you to another room, the buckets can be quickly and easily detached from the mounted hooks.

Wall-Mounted Cups Also Work

If you have an abundance of pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and markers, keeping them organized and easy to find can be challenging. Wall-mounted cups can be ideal for keeping these items in order. Repurposing old cups or jars is a cost-effective way to create the ultimate craft supply storage solution.

By mounting the cups or jars onto your craft room wall, you can free up valuable desk space while keeping your supplies within arm’s reach. This practical method adds a unique and decorative touch to your craft room. You can customize the cups or jars by painting them in your favorite colors or adding labels to keep your supplies organized. Overall, wall-mounted cups are an excellent option for storing and organizing pens, pencils, paintbrushes, and markers.

Repurpose a Vinyl Gutter for Ribbon Storage

An ingenious method for organizing and storing ribbons is to employ vinyl gutters. This storage solution is economical and easy to mount. It provides an ideal option for those seeking a practical and visually appealing display for their ribbon collection. The concave shape of vinyl gutters is particularly suited for ribbons, ensuring their secure and tidy arrangement.

Moreover, utilizing craft room wall storage to display one’s ribbon collection is an excellent way to achieve functional and inspirational outcomes. By selecting an appropriate wall area for ribbon display, crafters can easily access their ribbons while enjoying the aesthetic benefits of their colorful and varied collection. This arrangement can inspire creativity and innovation by providing a visual stimulus and encouraging the incorporation of various ribbons into new and exciting craft projects.

Use Storage Boxes for Odds & Ends

To maintain order and prevent clutter in a craft room, storing smaller items and miscellaneous materials in dedicated storage boxes is advisable. This strategy enhances the space’s tidiness and organization and facilitates easy access to frequently used items.

Handled trays, in particular, provide an optimal solution for transferring storage boxes between compartments with minimal effort. This feature enables crafters to move materials around the craft room as they work on various projects. In addition, it maintains its storage system’s orderliness.

By implementing this approach, crafters can ensure their supplies are systematically organized and easily located when needed. It, in turn, enhances their productivity, creativity, and overall satisfaction with the crafting process. Furthermore, dedicated storage boxes protect delicate materials and ensure they remain in good condition.

Take Advantage of Cabinet Door Space

Maximizing every inch of space when renting an apartment is imperative. A practical solution for achieving this objective in a craft room is to utilize cabinet doors’ interior by attaching items with Velcro or magnets. This strategy enables crafters to take full advantage of the cabinet space and create an organized and efficient storage system.

Cabinet door storage keeps all items hidden from view, creating a cleaner and more aesthetically-pleasing craft room environment. The concealed storage solution also enhances the overall functionality of the space by ensuring that all materials are easily accessible and within reach.

Using Velcro or magnets as attachment mechanisms is particularly effective since they are reliable and easy to use. These methods also allow for flexibility and customization, as they can be adjusted per the size and shape of the stored items.

Put Your Craftwork on Display

Incorporating it into the room’s decor is a great way to showcase craftwork and get inspiration from it. Displaying one’s best pieces on the wall provides excellent motivation for future projects while adding a personal touch to the room’s ambiance.

Furthermore, crafting’s dynamic nature allows for constantly creating new pieces. It makes it easy to switch out or rearrange decor elements to reflect the latest accomplishments, styles, or seasonal themes. This strategy keeps the space fresh and dynamic and encourages creativity.

Using craftwork as room decor also showcases talent and unique artistic style. It is essential for crafters looking to establish their brand or gain recognition in the crafting community. Displaying one’s pieces can serve as a visual portfolio and a testament to dedication and skill.

Organize scrapbook paper like a craft store

When dealing with excess scrapbook paper, it is vital to have an organized and efficient storage system in place. Stacking paper haphazardly in piles or throwing it in a drawer is impractical and leads to clutter and disorganization.

To address this issue, metal stacking trays provide an excellent solution for scrapbook paper storage. These trays not only ensure that each piece of paper is easily accessible but also create a visually appealing organization system that adds to the overall room decor.

Metal trays for scrapbook paper storage provide several benefits:

  1. It keeps the paper tidy and prevents damage or crumbling.
  2. It makes finding the desired paper quickly and efficiently easy.
  3. The metal trays are durable and long-lasting, ensuring that the storage system remains intact for a considerable time.

Organize by Color

Proper organization of crafting materials can significantly impact efficiency and aesthetic appeal. One helpful tip to ensure a well-organized workspace is to group similar colored pencils, paints, yarn, and other materials.

Not only does this strategy create a visually pleasing and cohesive aesthetic, but it also saves time and reduces frustration in the long run. When materials are grouped based on color, locating and accessing the necessary materials for a specific project is easier. It can lead to more efficient use of time and smoother crafting.

While grouping materials by color may take time and effort, the benefits are well worth it. Once the organization system is established, it can be easily maintained with minimal effort. The result is a functional and aesthetically pleasing workspace.

Use an Island Table

An essential factor for an efficient and functional craft room is easy access to the worktable. To achieve this, placing an island toward the center of the room is recommended, allowing access from all angles. In addition to easy access, the island can also serve as a multipurpose work and storage center.

An island with storage is highly recommended, as it offers organization and accessibility to frequently used tools and supplies. It doubles the island’s functionality, providing an ideal workspace and a practical storage solution.

When selecting an island, it is essential to consider the craft room’s available space and users’ specific needs. A well-chosen island with adequate storage capacity can keep the work area clean and efficient and provide a visual centerpiece for the room.

Incorporate an Expansive Workstation

When designing a craft room, it’s essential to consider the space required to accommodate multiple projects simultaneously. A large workstation provides ample space for crafting, from jewelry making to paper crafting and beadwork.

With a larger workspace, you can work on several projects without constantly clearing and resetting the workspace. It minimizes interruptions, increases productivity, and enhances the overall crafting experience.

Moreover, a larger workspace can accommodate more extensive materials like fabrics, canvases, and paper. It is without the risk of hanging off the edges and damaging them. Crafting is more enjoyable and rewarding when it’s organized and efficient, which reduces accident and injury risks.

Set Up an Adjustable Craft Table

When undertaking creative projects such as drawing or scrapbooking, it is essential to have a comfortable and conducive workspace. Although a basic craft table may suffice during the initial organization of a craft room, investing in an adjustable craft table is highly recommended. It is to cater to individual needs and preferences.

An adjustable craft table allows for customization and flexibility regarding workstation arrangement, making it a valuable addition to any creative space. This type of table offers various adjustments, such as height, angle, and positioning, which can be modified to suit the specific project or activity. It helps to prevent physical strain and discomfort caused by prolonged periods of sitting in a fixed position.

Moreover, an adjustable craft table is particularly beneficial for individuals requiring specialized equipment or tools with specific placement requirements. For instance, an angled table can be particularly useful for artists who prefer slanted surfaces. In contrast, a table with adjustable height can cater to individuals who need to switch between standing and sitting positions.

Write Down Ideas & To-Dos on a Chalkboard Wall

It is commonly known that inspiration can strike at any moment, and when it does, it is essential to have a platform to capture it. Installing a chalkboard wall is a convenient and innovative way to do so. Chalkboard walls are numerous. For instance, it enables you to jot down your thoughts and to-do lists or inspire yourself daily.

There are two primary ways to have a chalkboard wall in your craft room setup: painted or peel-and-stick. Both options have their advantages. A painted chalkboard wall allows customization of size and shape and can match any aesthetic. On the other hand, a peel-and-stick chalkboard is a versatile option that is easy to install and can be removed without damaging the wall’s surface. It is ideal for renters or those who desire a temporary solution.

One of the benefits of having a chalkboard wall in your workspace is that it only takes up a little space. It makes it perfect for craft rooms, which often have limited space. Additionally, it provides a unique and eye-catching feature that enhances the room’s overall look.

Install a Retractable Cutting Mat to Save Space

Crafting is a hobby that often requires precision cutting, which is why a cutting mat is essential. Despite this, a traditional cutting mat takes up significant space, making working efficiently in a small space difficult. As such, consider installing a retractable cutting mat in your crafting area.

A retractable cutting mat is a practical space-saving solution that allows you to have a cutting mat without taking up valuable workspace. With this innovative tool, you can conveniently pull out the cutting mat when needed and push it back when you’re done. This feature is handy for those with a limited workspace, allowing them to maximize the available area while still having access to a reliable cutting mat.

When selecting a retractable cutting mat, choosing one that accommodates your crafting needs while fitting within your space constraints is essential. You should ensure the cutting mat is large enough to handle your typical cutting projects. However, it should be manageable enough that it overpowers your workspace or becomes difficult to retract. Additionally, consider the thickness and durability of the cutting mat. It will ensure it can withstand frequent use and protect your work surface adequately.

Leave Room for Expansion

When it comes to crafting, having a dedicated space to work in is essential for staying organized and focused. However, creating the perfect craft room setup is often a work in progress, and planning for future growth and expansion is essential. One effective way to do this is by leaving extra wiggle room for new supplies and additional storage space beyond your current needs.

Craft rooms can quickly become cluttered and disorganized if there isn’t enough space to accommodate new materials and tools. By anticipating future growth and expansion, you can prevent these issues and ensure that your craft room remains a functional and efficient space for years to come. It can be achieved by planning for more storage space than you need and choosing furniture and organizational tools that can be easily modified or expanded.

In addition to leaving extra space for supplies and storage, it’s also essential to consider your craft room’s overall layout and flow. Ensure your workspace is positioned for maximum efficiency and comfort and ample space for movement and maneuvering. It may involve repositioning furniture or adjusting the layout of your supplies and equipment.

Install a Peg Rail to Hang Scissors, Rulers, and Other Tools

A peg rail is a functional and straightforward tool for storing crafting supplies such as scissors, rulers, and other tools within easy reach while you work. It is an efficient and effective use of space, allowing you to keep your workspace tidy and organized. Adding hooks to the rail can enable hanging items like spools of ribbon or twine, maximizing storage potential.

Peg rails are a versatile and easy-to-install storage solution in various sizes and styles to complement any decor. It can be easily mounted on a wall or other flat surfaces, making it an ideal storage solution for crafters who need to save space. Peg rails are handy for those requiring a wide range of tools within arm’s reach while they work, providing a convenient and organized storage option.

Use a Bookcase to Store Craft Books and Magazines

A bookcase is a multifaceted piece of furniture that can serve as a functional storage solution for craft books, magazines, and other supplies. It provides an organized and easily accessible space for all your crafting essentials. To optimize the bookcase’s functionality, you can use baskets or boxes on the shelves to keep your supplies organized and tidy.

By utilizing baskets or boxes, you can classify and categorize your crafting supplies, making them easy to locate and access. This approach also helps to keep craft materials and tools from cluttering up shelves and creating an untidy appearance. This way, you can enjoy a clean, well-organized workspace conducive to creativity and productivity.

In addition to storage, bookcase tops can serve as a workspace for smaller craft projects. By clearing the bookcase surface, you can create a flat, sturdy surface perfect for crafting. This approach benefits those with limited space who need to maximize furniture functionality.

Install a Whiteboard for Planning and Sketching Out Ideas

A whiteboard is invaluable for crafting enthusiasts who require a visual space for planning projects and sketching ideas. It provides a versatile surface to map out ideas, record notes, and brainstorm potential concepts. When searching for a whiteboard, it’s essential to consider its size and ensure it can accommodate your requirements.

In addition to a whiteboard, a corkboard or bulletin board can complement the workspace. It can provide additional space for planning project ideas, tracking supply inventory, and listing daily tasks. Adding a corkboard or bulletin board next to the whiteboard can offer a convenient and organized workspace that promotes efficiency and productivity.

When designing your workspace, consider the placement of the whiteboard and additional boards to ensure they are easily accessible. Mounting them in a visible location encourages creativity and promotes ideas flow. Having them within easy reach can keep you organized and on track with your project goals.

Hang Inspiring Artwork to Keep You Motivated

Craft room decoration is an essential aspect that shapes the environment and stimulates creativity. When working on craft projects, hanging inspiring artwork or posters is vital to keep motivation and inspiration high. This approach adds aesthetic value to the space and boosts the crafter.

When choosing artwork or posters for a craft room, it is crucial to consider personal style and crafting interests. Selecting pieces that reflect one’s personality and preferences can create a sense of connection with the space and make it feel more personalized. Additionally, choosing artwork relevant to one’s crafting interests can provide a visual reminder of one’s goals and aspirations. In addition to selecting pre-made artwork, creating personalized artwork to display in the craft room is another excellent way to add a unique touch to the space.

Incorporate Vertical Bins

For individuals needing more space, implementing craft room ideas for small spaces can take a lot of work. One effective solution is to adopt a vertical storage approach, which enables crafters to utilize limited floor space more efficiently. Using vertical bins is an excellent storage solution allowing for a surplus of items, even in minor areas. These bins can store crafting supplies, such as ribbons, thread racks/threads, and scrapbook papers.

Vertical bins are a storage option that involves stacking bins on one another, creating a vertical column of storage space. This approach offers several benefits, including saving valuable floor space, maximizing storage capacity, and allowing easy access to supplies. Furthermore, vertical bins can be customized to fit the specific requirements of a craft room, providing an efficient and versatile storage solution.

Ribbon storage is an excellent example of how vertical bins can be utilized in a craft room. Crafters can easily access ribbons by stacking ribbon spools in vertical bins while maximizing storage capacity. Thread racks/threads and scrapbook papers can also be stored in vertical bins, keeping these supplies organized and easily accessible.


In conclusion, designing a craft room at home can be a fun and rewarding experience. Creating a functional and aesthetically pleasing space is possible by incorporating practical storage solutions and inspiring decor. When designing your craft room, it’s essential to consider your individual needs and preferences and the available space. Many tools and accessories can help you maximize your workspace and make the most of your crafting endeavors, from a cutting mat and peg rail to a bookcase and whiteboard. With a well-designed craft room, you can enhance your creativity, improve your productivity, and enjoy your crafting hobby.

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