10×25 Storage Unit Size Guide

When it comes to items that mean the most to us, the fabric they’re made of is often far less significant than the memories connected. Whether your collectibles hold childhood stories or your furniture evokes the nostalgia for moments shared with family and friends, you want to ensure your belongings are always safe and secure during a move. At SecureSpace Self Storage, we offer large 10×25 self-storage units that provide enough space for all your cherished items at an affordable price. Plus, with convenient features like extended access hours, unique entrance codes, and enhanced security, you can rest assured your valuables are always available for when you need them most.

How Big Is a 10×25 Storage Unit?

SecureSpace Self Storage is here to give you the best storage experience, no matter your needs. Our 10×25 Self Storage units provide a vast 250 square feet and up to 2,000 cubic feet of versatile storage space, letting you fit all your items securely into one space! Storage unit sizes vary from facility to facility, but our 10×25 storage unit dimensions are around 10 feet wide and 25 feet long with an 8-foot tall ceiling. If exact dimensions are a top priority for you, reach out to one of our property managers near you today and find the perfect unit for your specific needs.

What does a 10×25 storage unit look like? 

Are you looking for the perfect storage solution for your belongings? Our 10×25 unit rental options were designed with you in mind. Since facilities and amenities tend to vary from area to area, you can expect a range of appearances from our units. Whether you opt for outdoor storage or indoor climate control, each 10×25 unit will be tailored to meet your needs. As a reference point, think of these spacious units like a roomier-than-normal one-car garage – plenty of room for furniture, sports equipment, favorite mementos, and other items that need a safe place to reside. 

What is the best size storage unit for furniture? 

10×25 self-storage units are an excellent solution for storing oversized furniture or many standard-size items. Our facility offers a range of storage unit sizes to fit individual needs and budgets. Our 10×25 units provide renters with plenty of room to store multiple couches, chairs, and futons alongside any other small miscellaneous belongings. Before renting one of our storage units, we recommend making an inventory of the items you’d like to store and their dimensions and size. This will help you determine which unit best suits your furniture storage needs while staying within your budget. If you have any questions, our friendly team is always available to help!

Moving your cherished or valuable items into storage require careful consideration, and that’s why selecting the suitable unit is so important. Climate-controlled storage units offer the best protection if you’re hoping to store items such as art, furniture, or electronics. With a temperature-controlled environment, your belongings are better shielded from extreme heat, cold, and humidity which can all cause irreparable damage. That could be particularly critical for delicate pieces of furniture with natural materials like wood that are vulnerable to changes in the weather.

10×25 Storage Unit Items

What can you fit in a 10×25 storage unit? 

Our 10×25 storage units can be the perfect option for various needs. Are you moving homes or offices? You may be in the middle of building a new property and need somewhere to store your items temporarily – whatever it is, our units can provide up to six rooms worth of storage space. Or, if you are running a business with an extensive inventory, this could be an excellent solution for overflow space. Whether looking for seasonal storage solutions or extra storage room during renovations and building projects, our 10×25 self-storage units provide all the space you need.

AppliancesFurnitureVehicles & EquipmentValuablesMisc
Washing MachineBed FramesJet SkisArt WorkTreadmill
RefrigeratorDressersMotorcycles & Dirt BikesTV’sClothes
DryerCouchesATVsGaming ConsolesFolding Chairs
Air ConditionerMattressesSports EquipmentCollectiblesFans
Air FryerTablesGolf CartElectronicsHoliday Decorations
Dish WasherPatio FurnitureLawn MowersBusiness Equipment House Supplies
Toaster OvenStoolsSmall TractorsWork ToolsHeaters
Coffee MakerCoffee TablesSmall TrailersBusiness DocumentsAC Units

How many vehicles can fit in a 10×25 storage unit? 

Need to store your car or truck? Look no further than our dedicated vehicle storage units. With sizes coming in at 10×20 and larger, you can rest assured that we’ve got the perfect option for whatever the size of your car or truck. In comparison, our 10×25 self-storage units are vast enough to fit most cars and small trucks – although parking a vehicle in such a unit may be more difficult. We recommend measuring your car or truck before committing to any specific unit to ensure you’ll have all the space you need right here at our local facility.

What size storage unit do I need for a four-bedroom house?

When selecting a self-storage unit, size is a crucial factor to consider. Though we strongly recommend measuring the dimensions precisely, homes come in all shapes and sizes – from contemporary houses with large open living spaces to classic homes with attics full of clutter long overdue for organizing. As a general guide, a 1,600-square-foot home or apartment should fit comfortably in one of our 10×25 self-storage units. However, depending on your needs and availability at the local facility you’re looking to rent from, you may even need something larger – like a 10×30 self-storage unit! We always recommend calling your local SecureSpace facility ahead of time to check for current availability so you can make an informed decision.

How many SecureSpace Self Storage boxes fit in a long storage unit? 

With around 2,000 cubic feet of space, your options are vast! You might be surprised to discover that with the right boxes, you could fit up to 300 in the unit. For optimal use of your space, we recommend 20-inch medium boxes, which are easy to pack and stack. At SecureSpace Self Storage, we’re ready to help you maximize your storage efficiency. Contact or visit your nearest facility today and learn how we can simplify your life with smart storage solutions.

How can I use a long storage unit for moving? 

Moving can be overwhelming, but a 10×25 self-storage unit can significantly reduce your stress. If your closing day is postponed and you need to vacate your current home, a 10×25 unit offers a perfect temporary solution. Whether you’re downsizing or expanding your business, additional space becomes crucial. Fortunately, renting a 10×25 self-storage unit provides a practical answer for these situations. With flexible month-to-month payments, you can avoid long-term commitments and rent the space for as long as you need.

10×25 Storage Unit Prices

How do I find a 10×25 storage unit near me?

If you’re in the market for a 10×25 self-storage unit, you’re in luck. Our facilities are available nationwide, and our online reservation system takes all the hassle out of renting. You can effortlessly search for nearby units, complete with price and availability info. Plus, you can manage all of this through your computer or smartphone! With us as your guide, finding affordable storage units is only ever a few clicks away.


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