Saging Your New Home After A Move

Different cultures have used smudging or the burning of dried herbs for generations. It is becoming increasingly popular as a modern practice, with many people utilizing white sage to cleanse their homes on a moving day. But why is this practice gaining recognition today? Diane Ronngren, the author of Sage and Smudge: The Ultimate Guide, explains, “Burning sage is very important when moving into a new space because it can eliminate any negative energy that may be present. I am always conscious about what has happened in my home before moving in, so it’s important that I get rid of those energies first”. This tradition has become popular because of its potential to create a more positive and relaxed atmosphere – perfect for any home!

Moving to a new home can be an exciting yet unfamiliar experience. To ensure your new space is one you can make yours and feel at peace, consider the benefits of burning sage, also known as smudging. Smudging is believed to create calming environments and help with better sleep, it may even have the power to kill airborne bacteria! If you’re looking for greater insight into the practice and its application in creating a positive home atmosphere, look no further than continue reading our team at SecureSpace Self Storages detailed guide on everything you need to know about saging your house.

The History Behind Saging Your House

Saging Your Home

Smudging has been a centuries-old practice around the world. But one specific plant burning with special significance hails from North America: White sage. Originating with Native Americans, saging dates back to ancient times and was used to cleanse, purify, and even give thanks for blessings. As Rosalyn La Pier, a professor of Native American studies at the University of Montana, explains in a recent article on its history, white sage is so much more than just lovely smelling smoke – it’s an integral part of their spiritual rituals which has long been steeped in tradition and shared spirit. Local tribes in Montana continue these practices today despite the challenges they face; Professor La Pier hopes her work will help shed light on these unique cultural practices so that they’re appreciated by both locals and visitors alike.

Burning herbs and incense to cleanse and purify a space has been practiced in many western cultures for centuries, even as far back as the 1300. During this time, using various herbs to clear sickness from churches and create ambiance was common practice. Nowadays, many people still burn sage for both traditional and spiritual reasons. Still, research suggests dried plant smoke has a more practical application – effectively killing up to 94% of airborne germs. Amanda Lindette Meder, who specializes in spiritual matters with two science degrees, supports this claim, giving credibility to viewers who want to maintain a healthy lifestyle through natural practices.

Why The Experts Say You Should Sage Your New House

Saging Your Home

If burning plants do kill bacteria, local sage burners believe it’s a great way to clean a space and make it feel like home. By creating a spiritually positive environment in her former and new homes, she enjoys the smell of sage, which releases smoke to rid the atmosphere of negative energies. According to many sage burners, we often forget “the space we create our lives in”. Many experts emphasize that everyone should take the time to make their home a place for calmness and happiness. So if you’re looking for an alternative way to make your space feel fresh and inviting, burning sage is worth trying!

For Mariel Meder, smudging is an essential tool she relies on to help de-stress during moves. It provides aesthetic satisfaction and a sense of closure, helps cleanse the home’s energy, and ushers in a positive new vibe – even more so than her everyday yoga practice. “It’s my way of honoring the final step in each transition period,” she said. “I find that when I burn sage after a move, my stress levels dissipate quickly, and I can start anew with a refreshed mindset.” Smudging is one of many tools that help keep Mariel’s spirit grounded during change.

How To Sage Your Home

Saging Your Home

If you’re ready to smudge your new home, dried white sage can easily be found online or at local natural food stores. Your farmers market may even have some – it’s worth checking out! Of course, the process of saging a house is up to personal preference, so take some time to find the best routine that works for you and ensure you do it safely. Ronngren, an expert in this area, has developed a very specific smudging routine that she has perfected with her many moves. “I walk counterclockwise through the space with sage or herbs,” she said. “Each corner, each door, and window – both inside and outside. I focus most on the living spaces, especially the bedroom – where we need good sleep and dreams.” So now that you know what to do, why not give it a try?

Sage burning is gaining popularity as a method for aromatherapy due to reports from the U.S. National Library of Medicine claiming the practice can improve sleep and relieve pain. While smudging sticks are widely used, wax pool holistic healer Irina Meder recommends using small leaves for your home, as more giant sticks can produce excessive smoke. Adding white sage oil to a diffuser is also an excellent alternative for those with sensitivity to smoke. Follow Irina’s advice and make your way through each room of your home with the smoking sage leaf or oil without worrying about it overpowering your senses or space.

Sage burning, or “smudging”, is an ancient ritual believed to clear negative energy from a space. And local expert Sara Meder suggests it as an occasional ritual and encourages its regular use. “I recommend cleansing the space by smudging any time you do a seasonal cleaning, three times a year at a minimum,” said Meder. ” I burn sage every Sunday, during my major week cleanups, to reset the space.” As well as offering spiritual benefits, burning sage can improve air quality by clearing out dust and pollutants. According to Meder, this means you don’t necessarily have to wait until you’ve finished moving into a new home before getting in the habit of burning sage – it’s never too soon to get started! “It’s like my organic Febreze,” she said.

How A Storage Unit Can Help Prepare Your Home For Saging

Saging Your Home

Sage your home in a pleasant and stress-free manner. Get the whole family involved in saging your new home with the help of a storage unit. It’s especially important to start without any belongings in the room, as that helps facilitate a more powerful cleansing ritual that ensures nothing gets in the way of starting afresh. Let the dedicated service team at SecureSpace Self Storage walk you through the process of reserving one of their units for just such an occasion – keeping your possessions safe until you finish saging both your current and new home.

Thanks For Reading!

Saging Your Home

Moving can be a stressful process, of course, but it doesn’t have to be, thanks to sage’s help! We hope you found this article to be an insightful guide into why and how to sage your home before, during, and after moving. So take our advice and before you start unpacking those boxes, use the smoke from dried white sage leaves or sachet bags to ceremonially cleanse with love your new dwelling. Now that you know about the power of saging for house cleansing success, your new home will surely become quickly filled with peace and tranquility.

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