4 Best Storage Options For A Whole Apartment In Queens, NY

Storage Options For A Whole Apartment In Queens, NY

Storing the contents of a full-sized apartment can be incredibly intimidating. Fortunately, various options are available for residents here in Queens, NY. Our team has put together a comprehensive guide to storage that allows you to make the best decision for your needs. Whether you’re looking for short-term storage or something much more long-term — there’s a solution, and our experts have detailed all the details you need to know. Don’t risk any of your most prized possessions, and explore what this unique guide offers for Queens, NY residents.

1. Rent A Storage Unit

Look at a storage unit if you plan on storing an entire apartment in Queens, NY. Depending on how many bedrooms your apartment has will vary with the size of the unit you’ll need to rent. For example, if you have two or fewer bedrooms, you should get a 10×10 storage unit – this provides just enough room for your belongings while still leaving some room to breathe. On the other hand, if you have three or more bedrooms, getting a 10×15 storage unit may be best, as this will give you additional space for any particularly large pieces of furniture. Plus, at SecureSpace Self Storage, we offer climate-controlled storage units which are excellent for keeping your belongings in tip-top condition throughout the year!

2. For Temporary Storage, Rent A Moving Truck

Storage Options For A Whole Apartment In Queens, NY

Renting a moving truck can be a great choice if you want a short-term solution to store your apartment items. Not only does it provide safety for your belongings, but it also gives you ample time to find a more permanent storage option. When considering this option, always choose the safest location and lock up the truck at night for greater security. This is especially important in some regions of New York where extra precautions should be taken. Renting a moving truck can be an easy way to store your apartments belongings, but is only suggested for a few days. If you are considering these options, look at the current prices offered by Budget Truck Rentals. They have the most affordable and convenient options in Queens, NY. 

3. Sell Any Items You Don’t Need

Storage Options For A Whole Apartment In Queens, NY

Moving can be exciting and overwhelming, especially in an expensive city like New York. One of the best strategies for managing the costs of a move is to go through your items before you pack. Often there are things that we don’t necessarily need or want but have some value- why not take this opportunity to make a little extra cash? Facebook Marketplace is a great way to do just that- you can post your items quickly, reach a large local audience, and get top dollar without leaving the comfort of your home. So before you start packing, organize what you want to try to sell and give Marketplace a try!

4. Look Out For Savings!

Storage Options For A Whole Apartment In Queens, NY

SecureSpace Self Storage offers unbeatably low prices and unbeatable specials in Queens, NY. With our price match guarantee, you can feel secure that you are receiving the best savings, and our current special gives you 50% off your first two months of storage. Our units come in various sizes to suit your needs, so whether you are looking for a long-term solution or just somewhere to store your belongings during a move, we have something that’s perfect for you—at an unbeatable price! So don’t wait; contact us today to claim your perfect storage unit’s current specials and lock-in rates.

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Storage Options For A Whole Apartment In Queens, NY

Moving can be daunting, but you can tackle it with others. Our team at SecureSpace Self Storage is here to guide you through every step of your relocation. We understand the particular challenges of storing an entire apartment in Queens, NY, so read our other recent articles on the best ways to store your belongings. If you still have questions or would like additional advice, feel free to contact us, and we’ll be more than happy to help you!

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