Best RV Toilets in 2024: A Comprehensive Review for Your Mobile Comfort

Best RV Toilets

When embracing the mobile charm of RV life, even the simplest amenities can transform into intriguing points of interest and significant decision-making factors. Within the realm of “home comfort,” the humble toilet plays a pivotal role.

RV enthusiasts and outdoor adventurers constantly seek the best RV toilet solution that combines practicality, space efficiency, and an exceptional user experience.

Join us in this blog post as we explore the best RV toilets in 2024.

What is an RV Toilet?

Best RV Toilets

An RV or camper toilet is a crucial fixture designed for recreational vehicles (RVs), boats, and other mobile spaces.

It’s more than just a compact version of a household toilet—it’s a crucial component of your mobile living setup. Designed to meet the unique challenges of life on the road or at sea, these toilets differ from standard commodes in several key ways:

  • Adaptability: RV toilets are engineered to function smoothly in the constantly changing environments of travel, from bumpy roads to remote locations.
  • Efficiency: They often employ innovative flushing systems and waste management techniques to maximize efficiency and minimize environmental impact.
  • Versatility: Whether in a luxurious motorhome or a cozy sailboat, an RV toilet is designed to fit your space and lifestyle.

By understanding these distinctions, you’ll be better equipped to choose a toilet that fits your vehicle and supports your adventures with reliability and comfort.

6 factors to Consider When Choosing an RV Toilet

Best RV Toilets

Selecting the right RV toilet involves more than just picking the first option.

Several key factors to consider will ensure you find a toilet that matches your needs and your vehicle’s constraints. Here’s what to keep in mind:

  1. Space and Installation: RVs vary significantly in size and layout, so it’s crucial to consider the amount of space you can dedicate to a toilet. Measure the available space accurately and ensure your chosen toilet can be installed comfortably without cramping your RV’s style.
  2. Type of Toilet: There are several types of RV toilets, including traditional gravity flush, cassette, portable, and composting toilets. Each has its advantages and drawbacks, depending on your needs for water usage, waste disposal, and installation complexity.
  3. Water Usage: Water conservation is critical to RV living, especially for those who spend extended periods off the grid. Look for toilets designed to minimize water usage per flush without compromising on the effectiveness of waste disposal.
  4. Waste Disposal: Consider how the toilet handles waste disposal. Composting toilets, for instance, separate liquid and solid waste for easier and more eco-friendly disposal, whereas other models may require access to RV-specific dumping facilities.
  5. Durability and Ease of Cleaning: Given the mobile nature of RV living, selecting a toilet that’s built to last and easy to clean is essential. High-quality materials and a design that avoids unnecessary nooks and crannies can make all the difference in maintaining hygiene and comfort.
  6. Price and Warranty: Finally, balance your budget with your desired features and quality in an RV toilet. Don’t forget to check the warranty period; a longer warranty can provide peace of mind and protection for your investment.

By carefully considering these factors, you’ll be well-equipped to choose an RV toilet that enhances your traveling comfort and convenience, turning your vehicle into a true home away from home.

What are the Different Types of RV Toilets?

Best RV Toilets

RV toilets come in various types, each with its benefits and limitations.

Here’s a look at some of the most common styles you’ll come across:

Gravity Flush RV Toilet Reviews

These are the most common types found in RVs, resembling residential toilets.

They typically feature a foot pedal that you press to fill the bowl with water, push further to flush, and finally, retract to empty it.

Known for their reliability and ease of maintenance, gravity flush toilets are a favored choice among many RV enthusiasts.

RV Cassette Toilet

A cassette toilet is a self-contained unit that can be easily removed for emptying and cleaning.

They’re popular for compact spaces, offering portability and a cleaner disposal process.

Composting Toilets

Eco-friendly and offering a no-water method of waste disposal, composting toilets can be a game-changer for sustainable RV living. They use organic materials and a composting process to break down waste, making them odorless and convenient.

Vacuum Flushing Toilets

Highly efficient and water-saving, vacuum toilets in RVs use suction to dispose of waste, significantly reducing water consumption compared to other models.

Traditional RV Toilets

More basic in design, traditional RV toilets offer a functional solution with simple flushing mechanisms. They are often a choice for those looking for a straightforward, low-maintenance option.

Each RV toilet type has unique advantages, from water conservation and ease of disposal to simplicity and reliability. You can choose the perfect toilet to enhance your RV experience by considering your specific needs and preferences.

The Best RV Toilet Reviews

Best RV Toilets
Image Source: SanifloStore

To start the year off fresh, we looked at the top contenders and their features that can transform your RV experience:

Best Home-Like Feel: Residential-Style Toilets

Residential-style toilets increasingly make their way into RVs as they offer a familiar and comfortable user experience. This might be the perfect fit if you have the space and a suitable waste disposal setup.

Thetford Aqua-Magic V Toilet: This model offers a high-profile, comfortable seat height and a familiar residential-style design, making it a great option for those seeking a home-like feel in their RV.


  • Familiar residential-style design for comfortable use.
  • Easy to install and operate.
  • Affordable price point compared to other models.
  • Lightweight and suitable for various RV setups.


  • The plastic construction might feel less sturdy compared to ceramic toilets.
  • Some users might find the flush mechanism less effective than other models.

Gravity Flushing Toilets: Durable and Dependable

A good old gravity flush toilet might be the best choice for those prioritizing reliability and a straightforward operation. We’ve reviewed models that offer robust construction and thorough waste disposal.

Dometic 310 Series Standard Height Toilet: This toilet features a powerful gravity flush system, a durable ceramic bowl, and a simple, reliable design, making it a top choice for durability and dependability.


  • Powerful gravity flush system ensures thorough waste disposal.
  • Durable ceramic bowl construction.
  • Easy to clean and maintain.
  • Simple design with fewer moving parts, reducing the likelihood of breakdowns.


  • Heavier and bulkier than plastic models, which might be a consideration for weight-sensitive RV setups.
  • The standard height might not be comfortable for all users.

Best RV Toilet (Elongated Bowl): Comfort and Ergonomics

Elongated bowls are known for their ergonomic design, providing a more comfortable seating position. This can benefit older users or those with mobility issues looking for added comfort.

Thetford Aqua-Magic Style II Toilet: With its elongated bowl design, this toilet provides enhanced comfort and ergonomics, making it ideal for older users or those with mobility issues.


  • Elongated bowl design provides enhanced comfort and ergonomics.
  • Stylish, contemporary appearance.
  • Easy-to-use pedal flush mechanism.
  • Lightweight construction, making it suitable for a variety of RVs.


  • The elongated bowl design might take up more space, which could be a concern in smaller RV bathrooms.
  • Some users might find the plastic construction less durable than ceramic options.

Best RV Composting Toilet: Environment-Savvy and Odorless

If you’re environmentally conscious and keen on odor-free waste management, a composting toilet could be a revelation. We’ve tested models that excel in their efficiency and trouble-free operation.

Nature’s Head Self-Contained Composting Toilet: This composting toilet is known for its odorless operation and environmental efficiency. It’s a great option for those looking to reduce their ecological footprint and manage waste in an eco-friendly manner.


  • Eco-friendly waste management solution.
  • Odorless operation with proper ventilation.
  • Reduces the need for chemical additives and water usage.
  • Portable and easy to install in various locations.


  • Higher initial cost compared to traditional RV toilets.
  • Requires regular maintenance and emptying of compost material.
  • The composting process might not be suitable for all users’ preferences.

Vacuum Flushing Toilet: The Water-Wise Option

Water conservation is a growing concern, even in mobile settings. Vacuum flushing toilets are a perfect solution for those looking to minimize water usage without compromising on functionality.

Dometic 320 Series RV Toilet: This model features a vacuum flushing system that conserves water while ensuring a powerful and efficient flush. It’s perfect for those who want to minimize water usage without sacrificing performance.


  • Efficient water usage with vacuum flushing technology.
  • Powerful flush ensures clean bowl after each use.
  • Ceramic bowl construction for durability and ease of cleaning.
  • Comfortable residential-style height.


  • Higher cost compared to gravity flush models.
  • The vacuum flush system may require additional power and maintenance.
  • Bulkier design might not fit in all RV bathroom spaces.

The Need for a Black Water Tank

Best RV Toilets
Image Source: RecPro

A black water tank is part and parcel of the RV toilet system and is where the waste is collected.

The size and quality of the tank are just as important as the toilet itself, ensuring you can manage your waste efficiently without any mess or malfunctions.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Can I Use a Residential-Style Toilet in My RV?

You certainly can, as long as the toilet is compatible with your RV’s waste disposal system and you have adequate space for installation.

What is the Best RV Toilet Paper?

The best RV toilet paper is biodegradable and breaks down easily to prevent clogging and facilitate proper waste treatment. Look for brands specifically designed for use in RV and marine toilets.

What is the Best RV Toilet Treatment?

The best RV toilet treatment effectively breaks down waste, eliminates odors, and maintains the integrity of your black water tank.

Chemical treatments are popular, but natural alternatives are also available for eco-conscious users.

What’s the Best Way to Clean an RV Toilet?

Regular cleaning of your RV toilet is essential for hygiene and to prevent odors.

Use mild, RV-specific cleaners and avoid abrasive materials that could damage the surface.

Pay special attention to areas around the flush pedal and the water line to keep everything in shape.

What are the best RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste?

The best RV toilet chemicals for breaking down waste are designed for RV toilets.

They should effectively break down waste and control odors without harming the tank or causing damage to the environment.

Look for products that are biodegradable and approved for use in recreational vehicles. Some popular options include:

  • Thetford Aqua-Kem
  • Camco TST Ultra-Concentrated
  • Happy Campers Organic RV Holding Tank TreatmentIt’s always a good idea to read reviews and compare products before purchasing to find the best fit for your needs. You can also consult with experienced RVers or seek recommendations from manufacturers for their recommended products.


Whether new to the RV lifestyle or a seasoned traveler, choosing the right toilet for your vehicle is crucial. A wide range of RV toilets are available, from traditional models to eco-friendly options and high-tech designs.

Consider your needs and preferences, research, and read reviews to find the best fit for your mobile home. With proper maintenance and care, your RV toilet will provide you with a comfortable and reliable sanitation solution for many years.

So don’t be afraid to explore different options and find the perfect RV toilet that suits your needs.

With proper maintenance and care, your RV toilet will provide convenience and comfort on all your adventures. Happy camping!

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