Top Hotels in Downtown Los Angeles: A Revival of Culture and Luxury

Experience the vibrant pulse of downtown Los Angeles through its revamped urban landscape and eclectic charm. Embark on a journey of culture and luxury as we delve into the heart of this revitalized metropolis. From forgotten historic gems reborn as boutique hotels to contemporary marvels that embody modern extravagance, our exploration unveils the top 7 accommodations that embrace the city’s resurgence.

Immerse yourself in the dynamic culinary scene, bask in the allure of street art-lined streets, and sip craft cocktails under the starlit sky. Join us as we uncover the metamorphosis of a once-forgotten district into a thriving hub of style and sophistication. Welcome to the renaissance of Downtown Los Angeles, where each hotel is a testament to its rich past and an invitation to revel in its reimagined allure.

The Historic Charm of Hotel Figueroa

Downtown Los Angeles has a special place called Hotel Figueroa, which has been around since 1925. At first, it was a place for hardworking women during a time of significant changes. It started as a YMCA hotel. Maude N. Bouldin was a leader and was in charge here, and she did a great job until the 1950s.

In 1976, Uno Thimansson took over and gave the hotel a Moroccan-style look. 2018, the hotel opened again after being carefully restored to its original Spanish colonial style. The hotel is decorated with art made by talented female artists, celebrating its history.

Inside the hotel, each room has a touch of California style, and you can see the old-fashioned exposed-beam ceilings. The hotel pampers you with luxury, including fancy bath products from William Roam. There’s also great food to try at Veranda and Breva, two restaurants led by Chef Casey Lane, famous for his cooking skills.

The hotel has three bars – Bar Alta, Rick’s, and Bar Figueroa – where Dushan Zaric’s bartender makes fantastic drinks that mix his expertise and imagination. Hotel Figueroa combines history and modern experiences for a beautiful stay.


  • Offers room upgrades for guests with Hyatt status, enhancing the stay experience.
  • Features art and sculptures throughout the hotel, adding to the ambiance.
  • Compliant with Web Content Accessibility Guidelines, catering to guests with disabilities.
  • On-site restaurants, including La Casita and Cafe Fig, serve fresh and locally sourced food.
  • A gym, outdoor seating area, and pool are offered for guest relaxation and enjoyment.
  • Proximity to entertainment venues, shopping, and dining options


  • The gym is small, with limited exercise options.
  • The rain shower setup might need to be more practical for taller guests.
  • Storage space could be improved, and the absence of a minibar might be inconvenient for some guests.
  • Proximity to attractions might lead to potential noise issues.

The Ace Hotel: A Haven for Creativity

The Ace Hotel in Downtown Los Angeles is a special place that celebrates creativity. It’s located in a historic area called the District Broadway Theater. A long time ago, it used to be an essential place for making movies. The building was designed in 1927 by a famous architect named C. Howard Crane. It was first called the United Artists Theatre and showed exciting movies from the 1920s starring famous silent film actress Mary Pickford.

As time went on, the ownership of the building changed, and the Ace Hotel group took over. They worked hard to fix up the building, which has 13 floors and is very big. They wanted to keep its history alive. The most memorable part of the building is the theater, which they now call The Theatre at Ace. It’s a beautiful place where they have concerts, movies, and other events.

On the rooftop, there’s a lovely pool area called Upstairs. It looks like an artsy place called Marfa, with cool designs on the concrete. You can watch the sun go down over the city’s buildings during sunset – like a colorful show in the sky. The rooms and suites are modern and comfortable when you go inside the hotel. The furniture and artwork tell stories about Los Angeles. Some rooms even have private outdoor areas with great views of downtown LA. It’s a special place to stay and enjoy the city’s vibrant atmosphere.


  • Artfully combines industrial chic with quirky vintage details.
  • The lobby features black-and-white checkered floors, stained-glass windows, and coffered ceilings.
  • Artwork from local artists is displayed throughout the hotel.
  • The upstairs rooftop bar offers city views and hosts nightly events. Rooftop pool with lounge chairs.
  • On-site options for organic cold-press juices, nut and seed milk, and snacks.
  • Hotel staff was encouraged to dress casually and stylishly, reflecting a unique atmosphere.
  • In the Broadway theater district with attractions, restaurants, and metro within walking distance.


  • It is located in a gentrifying area with occasional dodgy surroundings.
  • Some guests have complained about the dim lighting in certain rooms.
  • The rooftop bar Upstairs can get crowded due to its popularity.

Millennium Biltmore Hotel Los Angeles

The Millennium Biltmore Hotel is a stunning building with fancy architectural styles like Beaux-Arts, Mediterranean, and Revival. It’s been in famous movies like Beverly Hills Cop, Charlie’s Angels, Cruel Intentions, and Ghostbusters, which makes it unique. It also hosted the important Academy Awards in the 1930s, which added to its popularity. It was built in 1923. It was a massive hotel with 683 beautiful guest rooms and many places to eat and drink. You can enjoy yummy Italian food at Smeraldi’s or try dishes from Singapore and China at Bugis – they have food from around the world.

In the past, a bar called Grand Avenue was a special place for the LGBTQ community in the 1940s and 1950s. The hotel also had an important event in 1971 where LGBTQ activists and mental health professionals discussed essential things. This helped change how people thought about homosexuality, and within two years, they stopped considering it a mental disorder. It was a big step forward.


  • Celebrating 100 years of elegance and glamour, an authentic piece of history.
  • Offers a range of room types, from Deluxe to Suites, accommodating various preferences.
  • Ornate ballrooms, gilt walls, and painted ceilings exude luxury and charm.
  • Multiple restaurants and bars offer diverse dining experiences.
  • Indoor pool with original Roaring Twenties design elements.
  • Recognized as a ‘Los Angeles Historic-Cultural Monument.’


  • Location in a gentrifying area may be less desirable for some.
  • Some rooms might be compact, potentially limiting space.
  • Some bathrooms lack complete privacy due to design.

Century-old Los Angeles Athletic Club Hotel

The Los Angeles Athletic Club Hotel is a beautiful building with a history from the 1880s. It’s part of a special athletic and social community. Many famous Hollywood people, like Charlie Chaplin, have been here. The corridors of this establishment have been graced by numerous prominent luminaries of Hollywood, among them the iconic Charlie Chaplin, who once chose to call this club his abode.

You don’t need to be a member to stay here – even if you’re not a member, you can pay $25 for an Olive Club membership when you book a room for the first night. There are five nice places to eat and drink here, but only members of the Athletic Club and hotel guests can enjoy them. The accommodations, adorned with bespoke furnishings, exude an air of refinement, while the suites introduce opulent lounging enclaves into the equation. The rooms are really fancy and have special furniture that makes them feel elegant. Some rooms are like luxurious living spaces. Both types of rooms let you use the spa and sports facilities, like a 25-yard indoor pool that’s nice and warm.


  • Olive Club’s destination fee provides access to member-only events, dining, bar, and fitness classes.
  • It offers personalized and attentive service as a boutique hotel.
  • Experience award-winning craft cocktails at the Invention bar.
  • Complimentary continental breakfast for a convenient start to the day.
  • Stay connected with complimentary WiFi throughout the hotel.
  • Access to athletic facilities, gym, and pool for relaxation and workouts.
  • Business-friendly amenities for travelers needing work-related facilities.


  • Only service animals are allowed; the hotel does not accommodate pets.
  • Public accommodation standards
  • A daily Olive Club destination fee of $25 is charged, which might not be suitable for budget travelers.

The Timeless Elegance of The NoMad Hotel

The NoMad Hotel Los Angeles is a fancy place that opened in 2018. It’s inside a really old building that used to be a bank. The lobby has a special blue and gold ceiling from long ago that they fixed up nicely. There are 241 rooms and suites designed by a talented person named Jacques Garcia. The rooms have a mix of Italian and French styles, with special things like colorful rugs and fancy leather headboards.

The hotel has a cool rooftop pool where you can swim or enjoy drinks and food from a nearby café and bar. They have fun drinks with funny names like “Pretty and Basic” and ones that look like lava. If you want to eat, there’s a nice restaurant with a mix of different flavors from around Los Angeles. You can also visit a cute coffee place that’s like the ones in Venice, with yummy pastries and special coffee.

They have a gym in the basement for exercising and good Wi-Fi everywhere. Even pets are welcome. But some parts of the hotel, like the hallways and lobby, might seem a bit dark to some people. Overall, the NoMad Hotel is fancy but also cool. It’s a nice place for couples, business people, or anyone who wants a fancy downtown stay in Los Angeles.


  • Impeccable restoration of gold and blue Italianate lobby ceiling.
  • Jacques Garcia’s design work and Daniel Humm’s culinary expertise.
  • Rooftop pool with lush landscaping, café, and cocktail bar.
  • Italian-inspired dining at The Restaurant under a restored 1920s ceiling.
  • Charming Coffee Bar with pastries and specialty coffees.
  • Modern gym in the basement.
  • Free Wi-Fi throughout the hotel.
  • Pet-friendly policy.
  • Prime downtown location near restaurants, bars, and attractions.


  • Superieur Rooms may be too small for two people.
  • Dimly lit lobby and corridors.
  • Valet-only parking (common in downtown LA).
  • The over-the-top design might not suit all tastes.

The Vibrant Energy of Freehand Los Angeles

If you’re searching for a hotel that captures the lively spirit of Downtown LA, the Freehand Los Angeles is a fantastic pick. It’s located in a building that used to be the Commercial Exchange, and it’s right at home in the heart of Downtown LA. The hotel’s big sign with bright lights on top is like a guiding light that you can see from certain rooms. What’s really cool is that this place has a special history – it’s where Edgar Rice Burroughs, who created Tarzan, wrote his stories.

The Freehand is different from other hotels downtown because it mixes a comfy hotel and a friendly hostel. The rooms that can fit four, six, or eight people are more like nice cabins than regular dorms. Each room is decorated with special furniture, fabrics from the area, and artwork made by local artists from Los Angeles.

The hotel’s spirit of togetherness is seen in its four restaurants and bars. They have big tables where everyone can sit together and enjoy food. One of the coolest spots is the Broken Shaker, a bar that’s even been nominated for a famous James Beard Award. It feels like a relaxed beach hangout, especially because it’s near the rooftop pool. And then there’s Flowerboy, a shop designed by Sean Knibb from Venice Beach. It’s full of beautiful flowers and cool old stuff to discover.


  • Combines the comfort of a hotel with the friendly atmosphere of a hostel.
  • Accommodations for four, six, or eight people resembling cozy cabins.
  • Rooms decorated with furniture, fabrics, and artwork from local Los Angeles artists.
  • Four restaurants and bars with communal seating for shared dining experiences.
  • The Broken Shaker bar was nominated for a prestigious James Beard Award.
  • Rooftop pool area reminiscent of a relaxed beach hangout.


  • Shared cabins may lack complete privacy.
  • A communal atmosphere might lead to higher noise levels.
  • Communal dining areas may become crowded during peak times.
  • It might not suit those seeking a more private or quiet stay.

The Sophistication of Hotel The Standard, Downtown LA

The Standard Hotel in downtown Los Angeles underwent over two years of renovations before opening in May 2002. This 12-story building, previously the headquarters of Superior Oil Company, was purchased by hotelier Andre Balazs and transformed into a modern masterpiece. The once-marble-clad exterior is now sleek glass, and the interior features vibrant yellow accents against minimalist design.

The hotel gained fame for its Rooftop Bar’s DJ parties with panoramic views, attracting celebrities and trendsetters. Despite its initial success, the property’s upkeep has suffered over time, with little change or maintenance. The rooms, while offering spaciousness, display signs of wear, and the overall atmosphere feels neglected.

Despite this, Standard LA offers a range of perks. The rooftop pool boasts stunning city views, and the 24/7 restaurant’s retro décor serves delicious meals. The location is prime, close to downtown attractions and transit options. The hotel’s significance remains tied to its vibrant past, even if it doesn’t hold the same allure it once did. In summary, with its modern design and historic roots, the Standard Hotel continues to offer value for budget-conscious travelers seeking a lively downtown experience. However, its fading upkeep and past glory should be considered when booking a stay.


  • Situated in the heart of downtown, offering easy access to attractions.
  • Known for its lively nightlife scene with DJs, pool parties, and events.
  • The rooftop bar provides panoramic views of the city’s skyline.
  • Availability of round-the-clock room service and restaurant.
  • Offers value for young, budget-conscious travelers.
  • Close to Metro stops and cultural landmarks.
  • Heated pool on the rooftop with a striking atmosphere.


  • Initial vibrancy has faded over time, resulting in a less lively atmosphere.
  • Some guests have experienced lackluster service from staff.
  • Not well-suited for families due to ambiance and amenities.
  • Previous party atmosphere can result in noise and crowded spaces.


Downtown Los Angeles has undergone a remarkable transformation, with its historic buildings now housing some of the city’s most stylish and luxurious hotels. From the timeless elegance of Hotel Figueroa to the vibrant energy of Freehand Los Angeles, each hotel offers a unique experience that reflects the neighborhood’s revitalization. Embark on a journey of culture and luxury by staying at one of these top 10 hotels in Downtown Los Angeles, and discover the vibrant charm of this dynamic neighborhood. For secure and convenient storage options during your stay in Downtown Los Angeles, check out SecureSpace

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