16 Luxury Pool Ideas To Upgrade Your Backyard

16 Luxury Pool Ideas To Upgrade Your Backyard

Are you looking to revamp the look of your backyard? Adding a luxury pool might be a good idea to take things to the next level. Remember that these are luxury swimming pools, so don’t expect bargains. Even though they can be pricey, you will be happy investing in them. Whether you want it for yourself or as a gift for someone else, these 16 luxury pool projects can make any backyard look like a real treasure.

Our team at SecureSpace Self Storage will teach you about extravagant pool concepts, ranging from zero-entry and infinity pool designs to indulgent swim-up bars and spas. Get inspired to elevate your outdoor area!

1. Try an Infinity Pool

The infinity swimming pool might be a great idea to add a luxury pool. This design offers you the ultimate luxury experience with the reflection of the sky and beautiful landscapes seen from the water. The infinity pool designs are often built to blend perfectly with their surroundings, making them even more desirable as part of your backyard landscape. The designer incorporated local materials (stone, glass) to blend perfectly with its surroundings.

The absence of visible edges creates the illusion of water spilling over the pool’s walls, adding to its charm. You can customize a negative-edge pool even further by exploring diverse designs. 

2. Go for a Swim in a Lap Pool

If you plan to build a pool in your backyard, you don’t have to stay away from the lap swimming option. Lapping swimming is quite popular these days. It’s also known as slow swimming and lap swimming. The design usually consists of a shallow pool that is either round or square in shape. In this design, the person swims around at his own pace and laps up a few feet of water.

These luxury pools are perfect for swimming laps and take up minimal space, allowing you to incorporate other backyard design ideas, such as an outdoor living room, kitchen, or water features! Constructing an ocean-fed lap pool could be an enticing option if you reside close to the ocean. You may also experiment with angular shapes, such as an L-shaped or geometric pool, for a distinct and personalized appearance.

3. Take a Dip in a Saltwater Pool

Saltwater pools offer several advantages and make for an excellent luxury pool concept. Firstly, they eliminate the need to store and handle chlorine and other pool chemicals. Additionally, as they do not contain as many chemicals, these pools are gentler on the skin, making it possible to revel in the water without any concerns about dryness or irritation.

In this design, you can enjoy a swim in the pool, but you can also splash around and wade in the shallow, near-shore waters. We recommend picking out a raised-bed pool made of natural stone for this design. The small area where you’ll splash around will provide a fantastic view of your surroundings.

4. Walk into a Zero-Entry Pool

If you are looking for a luxury pool concept that allows you to swim while relaxing, then the zero-entry swimming pool might be a great option. This design is ideal for those who love water sports, such as swimming and diving, but need the athletic skills of professional athletes. The entry-level of this type of pool is relatively high, with no stairs or ladders to climb over.

This pool feature mimics the experience of wading into the ocean from the sand, providing a smooth transition from hardscapes and other landscaping in your backyard. A beach entry pool also gives guests a spot to sunbathe or offers young children a shallow and secure play area. If you have a spacious backyard and want to maximize the space, this is your ideal & backyard pool!

5. Bring the Pool Inside

If you desire year-round access to your luxurious swimming pool, consider constructing it indoors! Indoor pools offer you and your family greater privacy as they are shielded from the outside world. Furthermore, indoor pools enable you to regulate the water temperature to your liking, ensuring it’s always at the ideal temperature. 

For added extravagance, you can even construct a semi-indoor pool, where a part of the swimming area is outdoors, allowing for an easy transition between inside and outside when you want to take a break from the Sun!

6. Create a Glass Pool Effect

Creating a “glass pool effect” is an excellent luxury pool design idea that involves constructing a swimming pool that looks like part of the surrounding landscape. The glass and stone combination is striking and difficult to find in one place. 

Glass walls can transform your swimming pool into an underwater window, providing breathtaking views of your outdoor garden or backyard landscaping while swimming.

You can commit to a fully transparent glass design or begin with a single glass wall. If your pool is on a balcony, consider a glass-bottom pool effect to have a clear view of what’s below you while you swim!

7. Make a Statement with Mosaic Tiling

If you plan to build a luxury pool in your backyard, consider tiling your pool with a mosaic design! The mosaic design will make your swimming pool look elegant and luxurious. The mosaic designs are easy to create, and you will be amazed at how the tiles come together to make your swimming pool look beautiful without any work on your side.

Pool tiling is highly durable and allows you to get creative and design a custom pool tailored to your preferences. You can choose a classic dipping pool style by selecting your favorite shade of blue or experimenting with different shapes, colors, and patterns to create a unique backyard pool. If you have a small backyard, using creative tiling is an excellent way to emphasize a smaller plunge pool.

8. Set the Mood with Lighting

No matter how extravagant or beautiful your swimming pool is, it won’t look the same at night. This is why it’s important to consider giving your luxury pool a stunning nighttime light show. Adding led lights to your paradise allows you to transform your swimming pool into a unique and magical place at night!

For an extra romantic touch, consider adding colored lighting to your pool. The special illumination will make all 3D swimming pool designs appear more spectacular than ever.

9. Build a Waterfall

A waterfall is a perfect luxury pool concept because of its stunning appearance, soothing sound, and elegant charm. In addition to being an excellent swimming pool design idea, a waterfall will also fit perfectly into the overall design of any outdoor space. 

A sheer descent waterfall that merges with your pool walls would be ideal for a modern pool design. Alternatively, consider a rock waterfall that blends in with your landscaping if you prefer a more natural look. Additionally, the gentle sound of a pool waterfall provides a relaxing ambiance, making it a perfect fit if you want to create a spa-like pool environment.

10. Have Fun with a Waterslide

If you want to make your backyard the ultimate entertainment destination, consider adding a waterslide to your luxury pool! This feature is perfect for families with kids, but it’s also a fun activity that people of all ages can enjoy. When installing a waterslide, you can choose from materials like stone or plastic. You can even experiment with different shapes, such as a spiral water slide for added excitement.

11. Install a Diving Board

Indulge your love for the water and all the fun aquatic activities it allows you to do by installing a diving board into your luxury pool! The true beauty of a diving board is that it perfectly combines functionality and aesthetics. Additionally, this feature can make your swimming pool look even more luxurious.

If you have a wooden deck around your swimming pool, consider making it extra special by adding a diving board. You can also opt for a simple wooden board that blends in with your backyard design or upgrade to a curved board!

12. Soak up the Sun on a Tanning Ledge

If you’re looking to soak up the Sun while staying cool in the pool, a tanning ledge is a perfect addition to your luxury pool. A tanning ledge is a pool feature perfect for people who want to spend a lot of time in their pool. The ledge (often called a “tanning deck”) is built above the waterline, providing guests with an elevated area on which to lounge.

Sometimes called a sun shelf, this shallow pool area lets you lounge on chairs or loungers without fully submerging in the water. You can choose to have your tanning ledge as the first step into the pool or place it on the second step for a deeper effect. Complete the look by adding unique lounge chairs and matching umbrellas for extra shade!

13. Take a Break at the Swim-Up Bar

A Swim-Up Bar is a perfect addition to a pool. This feature is ideal for enjoying an occasional cocktail while lounging by the pool. Typically, a swim-up bar allows you to pour your drinks from a bar and sit up on chairs. The bar also gives you access to ice and other drink accessories!

You can transform your backyard into a luxurious resort-style oasis by adding a swim-up bar to your pool! This ultimate outdoor entertaining feature adds a touch of sophistication to your space and provides a perfect spot for family and friends to socialize while sipping on their favorite cocktails.

14. Gather around a Conversation Pit

Consider adding a conversation pit if you want a gathering space and an alternative to the swim-up bar! This feature is ideal for creating a sophisticated space for lounging around the pool with family and friends.

The pit also provides an excellent relaxing spot with your favorite drink while listening to great music. The conversation pit could also be what you need to entertain many guests or throw an elaborate party. 

15. Relax in a Lazy River

If you want to cool off during the summer, a lazy river is the perfect pool feature! This luxury pool feature can take you on a meandering journey while you float in the gentle current. 

You can customize the shape and size of your lazy river to suit your style and space. Add some waterfalls or rock features to enhance the natural feel of your river, or incorporate a bridge to make it even more playful. And if you want to extend the lazy river season, consider adding a heating system to keep the water warm even on cooler days!

16. Don’t Forget the Hot Tub

If you need extra relaxation after a long day, consider adding a hot tub to your luxury pool. A hot tub is perfect for relaxing after a hard day in the pool. The water’s soothing sensation and cool temperature make the experience even better!

You can find beautiful hot tub designs to match your home’s style, from traditional to modern and contemporary. You can also choose from models with varying sizes, widths, and depths for added style points.

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