Top 12 Rooftop Restaurants In Los Angeles, CA

Los Angeles is a city known for its glitz, glamour, and, of course, its food. With a thriving culinary scene that draws inspiration from around the world, it’s no surprise that LA is home to some of the most fantastic rooftop restaurants in the country. Our team at SecureSpace Self Storage has compiled a complete list of the most mouthwatering cuisine and stunning views of the cityscape in LA. Continue reading to discover our top 12 rooftop restaurants in LA, each offering an exceptional dining experience that will leave a lasting impression.

1. Terra at Eataly L.A

Terra is a rooftop restaurant at the Eataly Los Angeles complex in Century City Westfield Mall. Terra is known for its traditional Italian foods, making it the most appropriate choice.

Terra’s menu includes a range of classic Italian dishes, such as handmade kinds of pasta, wood-fired pizzas, and fresh seafood with a mesmerizing taste. The signature dishes of Terra are the roasted beet salad, the black truffle pasta, and the grilled octopus. Along with these are the best combinations of Italian wines, cocktails, beers, and brews on the menu.

Overall, Terra is a must-visit rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles if you want to taste high-quality Italian food experience no matter whether it is lunch or dinner.

2. Catch LA

Are you looking for a rooftop restaurant in West Hollywood, Los Angeles? Then, make sure to visit Catch LA. Catch LA is mainly known for the fresh servings of seafood, sushi, and cocktails.

The menu at Catch LA is dedicated to delicious seafood, such as miso-marinated black cod, lobster mac and cheese, and crispy shrimp rice. They consist of an extensive sushi collection and meat dishes based on customer preferences. Besides that, Catch’s classic dishes, such as Catch Roll, Wagyu on a Rock, and Cantonese Lobster, are also delicious.

Catch LA’s excellent decorations, high ceilings, being under a retractable rooftop, modern furniture, and style bar capturing the trend. Catch LA is a must-visit rooftop eatery in Los Angeles.

3. 71Above

71Above is located at the top of the US Bank Tower on the 71st floor, just like its name suggests. The foods at 71Above are recognized as chef Javier Lopez crafts them. The dining of the restaurant has a colorful palette, including the spacious bar.

71Above consists of the perfect pre-dinning drinks to enjoy at nightcap. The menu at 71Above includes American dishes like agnolotti, poached oysters, cauliflower puree, steak tartar, smoked beef short rib, and seared scallops gracing the menu. Alongside, you can get the best wines at 71Above to pair with your tasty meal.

Overall, you can get one of the best dining experiences to thrive with exquisite food, skyline views, and excellent service.

4. The Roof Garden

The Roof Garden is located in the Peninsula Beverly Hills. It is a beautiful rooftop restaurant at the iconic Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills. It is one of the best restaurants to enjoy the stunning views offering the peaceful oasis in the heart of bustling Los Angeles. They inspire the restaurant decorations through the eyes of Beverly Hills and an excellent seating arrangement. Moreover, the staff provides exceptional service to accompany the menu of the Roof Garden.

The Roof Garden gathers the ingredients for the food from the hotel’s garden, primarily through local farmers. This fact ensures the taste and texture of the food at Roof Garden. Some of the main dishes popular at Roof Garden are huevos rancheros, avocado toast, granola, and a seasonal fruit selection.

The Roof Garden is a high-quality restaurant to enjoy the beautiful city’s serene atmosphere.

5. The Tower Bar

The Tower bar is known for the iconic gesture of being located at the heart of West Hollywood in Los Angeles, California. The restaurant is in the Sunset Tower Hotel, known for Hollywood’s elite and sophisticated ambiance.

The Tower bar’s menu includes a few unique dishes: avocado toast, fluffy buttermilk pancakes, grilled Spanish octopus with romesco sauce, seared duck breast with roasted root vegetables, and an omelet with various fillings.

The vibe at the Tower Bar restaurant gives the feel of Old Hollywood stardom and is the perfect spot for a night out with a city view.

6. Merois

Are you looking for a rooftop restaurant in Pendry, West Hollywood? That’s where the Merois rooftop restaurant is located. The panoramic views of the city are unique from the Rooftop.

Merois Roof’s menu is crafted with Cuisine of different kinds, including Japanese, French, and Southeast Asia, with a twist of Sushi. They prepare seasonally and use locally sourced ingredients to ensure the flavor fits perfectly for the dish. Merois Roof’s signature items are pan-seared halibut, dry-aged ribeye, and truffle pasta, including the essence of vegetarian and vegan options. We can complement these dishes with wines or drinks amidst the picturesque view of the city.

So, the next time you are looking for a relaxing spot and excellent food, check in at Merois.

7. Mama Shelter’s Rooftop

Mama Shelter’s Roof is a busy rooftop restaurant in the heart of Hollywood, Los Angeles. The restaurant consists of an ambiance with colorful decorations highlighting the views of the city.

On the Mama Shelter’s Roof menu, you can find international dishes, homemade dishes, and an excellent blend of lunches reflecting the city’s diverse culture. The restaurant plays a crucial role in delicious food delivery, from delicious pizzas to mouthwatering burgers. Their cocktails are famous, like the signature cocktail “Mama’s Own Mule Bar” including an impressive wine list complementing the food menu.

Mama Shelter’s Roof is a go-to destination for an excellent lunch or dining experience. Overall, Mama Shelter’s Roof presents a remarkable dining experience with a fantastic food menu, cocktails, wines, and dazzling city views.

8. The Rooftop by JG

If you want to explore the fantastic view of Beverly Hills, The Rooftop by JG is an excellent place to enjoy delicious food combinations. Chef Jean-Georges Vongerichten tops the menu at The Rooftop by JG.

Rooftop by JG serves a blend of French and Californian Cuisine, including American and Asian dishes. The Rooftop by JG offers the craft of cocktails and a curated wine list, champagne, and brews, setting the food menu. The restaurant’s elegant decorations are an excellent choice for special occasions- since they are pricey! The vibe will be outstanding if you want to get along on a romantic date, party, or anniversary.

Overall, The Rooftop by JG is a must-visit rooftop restaurant in Los Angeles since they offer high-quality lunch and dinner experiences, including exceptional customer service.

9. Perch

If you are interested in stopping at the historic Pershing Square Building in downtown Los Angeles, visit the Perch restaurant on the Rooftop.

Perch’s menu items include classic French dishes with excellent flavors. They have the restaurant’s signature dishes, such as escargot, steak frites, and grilled octopus. The menu accompanies the drinks, such as cocktails, beers, and an extensive wine list of fresh servings.

The Perch’s outdoor terrace is the restaurant’s highlight since it offers breathtaking views. With its assortment of French-inspired atmosphere and classic decorations- Perch offers a unique experience to impress even the most discerning visitors.

10. The Rooftop at The Wayfarer

Are you seeking a trendy bar-type restaurant? Jump right away to the Rooftop at the Wayfarer in downtown Los Angeles. The seating arrangement at the Rooftop at the Wayfarer is impressive, with a luxurious setting including the booth seating.

Some signature meals at Rooftop at the Wayfarer are cocktails, peanut noodles, ceviche, colorful salads, homemade granola, small plates and snacks, and more! There are also private spaces that you can reserve for corporate events, weddings, and other special occasions on board.

Visit the Rooftop at the Wayfarer during weekends to enjoy impeccable views and for a fun-filled day!

11. Bar Clara

Bar Clara is a stylish cocktail bar at the top of the Hotel Per la in Los Angeles, California. It has a cozy climatic atmosphere and is conducive to enjoying meals.

Bar Clara’s menu includes many mouthwatering dishes: papas fritas with truffle-infused aioli, scallops with pistachio vinaigrette, charcuterie, cheese plates, and savory flatbreads. Additionally, you can enjoy snacks and refreshing drinks as well. There are a few signature cocktails: the smoked old-fashioned, the lavender lemon drop, and the spicy Paloma, including the essence of wine and beer.

Bar Clara is open for all three meals, keeping up the taste of the dishes and quality of servings at top-notch.

12. Moonshadows

How about spending your day at a beachside restaurant? Check out Moonshadows in the Malibu restaurant right away! You can enjoy the views of the Pacific Ocean, the coastlines, and the sunrise and sunset at Moonshadows restaurant.

The Moonshadows’ menu includes a wide variety of seafood and steak dishes. Moreover, their signature dishes include Asian fusion, Italian, and American foods available frequently. Depending on the season, you can enjoy distinct menus and dishes reflecting the changes.

Moonshadows consists of a complete lounge setup, a Live DJ setup on weekends, and excellent ocean views and is the perfect spot for evenings and night outs. The unique feature of Moonshadow is its beachside setup and location. The breeze and views are breathtaking at Moonshadows.

Final Takeaway

Top 12 Rooftop Restaurants In Los Angeles, CA

In conclusion, Los Angeles is a city that truly has it all, including some of the best rooftop restaurants in the country. From spectacular views to delectable Cuisine, these 12 restaurants offer an unforgettable dining experience that will leave a lasting impression. So, if you’re a foodie looking to elevate your dining experience, check out these top 12 rooftop restaurants in Los Angeles, and experience the city from a whole vantage point perspective.

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