Here Are LAs Top 6 Turkish Restaurants

Here Are LAs Top 6 Turkish Restaurants

After a of day loading or unloading your storage unit, you may be hungry. And when what you’re craving includes baklava, Döner, or another traditional taste, you want any of the six restaurants.

1. Nuka Cafe – Westwood Boulevard – 12 PM To 9 PM Monday – Saturday

Traditional Turkish dishes here include kebabs, kofte rolls, and falafel. You’ll also have your fair share of desserts, including pistachio rolls and baklava. If you want to spice things up, ask for one of their signature sauces, including Dragon’s breath or pesto and mayo. If you know ahead of time that you will be visiting your storage unit and what to enjoy Turkish after, make a reservation and bypass the wait time.

2. Café Istanbul – S. Beverly Dr. – 10 AM To 11 PM Monday-Sunday

Head over to Beverly Hills for a sitdown dinner at this family-owned café. With some of the most pleasing dishes in town, including Istanbul’s Special Kebab, lamb chops, and grape leaves, you’ll find something to fill your appetite. Cafe Istanbul has been featured in the LA Times and other Los Angeles media and offers a full menu of starters, entrées, wraps, and beverages. Bring your own wine, as there is no corkage fee.

3. Turkish Kitchen – Magnolia Street – 11 AM To 9 PM  Daily

One of the most affordable places for Turkish within driving distance of your self storage facility is Turkish Kitchen. This Mediterranean restaurant offers two sizes in most of their appetizers, yummy kids’ meals, and much more. In addition to your kebabs and hummus, you’ll enjoy the show as you can see them shave the lamb right off the rack. Like most Turkish places, Turkish Kitchen offers baklava and a host of other tempting treats that will fuel you up quickly and deliciously.

4. Muma Kitchen – Westwood Boulevard – 10:30 AM To 3 PM (L) 5:30 PM To 12 AM (D) – Daily

Where do you eat when you’re sitting in your storage unit wishing your belly was full? When your belly is craving Turkish, Muma Kitchen Mediterranean should be your top choice.  The menu says it best, “No one can compete with our meat.” From starters, such as lentil soup to salads to wraps and desserts, Muma Kitchen has everything you need for a traditional Turkish dish. Make your reservations today.

5. Ikram Grill – Warner Avenue – 11 AM To 8 PM – Monday – Sunday

Ikram Grill appears to have been formed out of a desire to bring the best Turkish dishes to California. You can choose from Shawarma plates, sandwiches, and dinner specials or head straight into the baked goods selection, which features Turkish bread, baklava, and both pistachio and walnut Kadayif. This is another healthy and delicious option to refuel after a day at SecureSpace Self Storage, especially if you’ve been packing and unpacking a large storage unit.

6. Dolan’s – W. Valley Blvd. – Hours May Vary; Contact Dolan’s For More Info

Dolan is another popular Turkish pick that makes sense after a day of packing and unpacking your self storage unit. From flaky baked pastries to lamb kebabs and everything in between, you’ll find it at Dolan’s. Dolan’s also has a full menu of exotic flavors featuring spicy chicken and kebab noodles along with braised lamb and fried naan. Although Dolan’s is one of the most affordable on our list, it actually has the most expensive menu item we’ve seen: a whole lamb kebab that comes in at $598 and requires a two-day notice.

Ultimately, you have many options when it comes to satisfying your Turkish craving in the Los Angeles area. The above are seven of our top picks, and you can’t go wrong with any of them.

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