When Did Rihanna Have Her Baby?

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky welcomed their newest addition earlier this month, with their baby boy arriving on August 3 in Los Angeles. The couple managed to keep the joyful news under wraps, but it was reported on Monday, August 21. Sources confirmed the baby’s birth to TMZ, People, and Entertainment Tonight.

However, don’t expect a public debut of the baby anytime soon. According to one source, Rihanna and A$AP plan to spend the initial days of parenthood away from the public eye. The couple, described as being in a great place, are overjoyed to expand their family and are a united front regarding parenting. Their love is evident, and the experience of parenting together has further strengthened their bond.

This pregnancy announcement comes on the heels of Rihanna’s stunning halftime performance at the 2023 Super Bowl, where she subtly revealed her pregnancy, initially sparking speculation about her expecting a second child. A representative for Rihanna confirmed the news, officially ending the rumors.

The Pregnancy Announcement and Speculation

In February of 2023, Rihanna made waves when she announced her pregnancy during a show-stopping halftime performance at the Super Bowl. The crowd erupted in excitement as she proudly displayed her baby bump, leaving no doubt that she was expecting. While some speculated about the father’s identity, Rihanna remained tight-lipped, fueling the media’s curiosity.

A Secret Pregnancy and Birth

Months passed, and Rihanna managed to keep the details of her pregnancy under wraps. The public eagerly awaited news of the baby’s arrival, but Rihanna and A$AP Rocky were determined to keep the birth a secret. On August 3, 2023, in the bustling city of Los Angeles, Rihanna gave birth to a healthy baby boy. The news spread like wildfire, catching fans and the media off guard.

Privacy and Bonding Time

Sources close to the couple revealed that Rihanna and A$AP Rocky decided to keep the early days of parenthood out of the public eye. They wanted to savor the precious moments with their newborn and establish a strong bond as a family. The decision to keep their baby’s birth a secret was a deliberate choice to protect their privacy and allow themselves time to adjust to their new roles as parents.

The Joy of Parenting Together

Rihanna and A$AP Rocky have always shared a special connection; becoming parents has only strengthened their bond. Sources close to the couple describe them as united and excited to grow their family. They are embracing the joys and challenges of parenting together, finding immense joy in watching their baby boy grow and thrive.

Why Rihanna decided to keep her son’s name private

Rihanna chose to keep her son’s name private for about a year. His birth certificate revealed his name is RZA Athelston Mayers, after the Wu-Tang Clan frontman Robert Fitzgerald Diggs. However, the singer and rapper A$AP Rocky confirmed their son’s name in a post on Instagram when celebrating his first birthday.

In a recent British Vogue cover story in March 2023, Rihanna explained her decision to protect her son’s name and photos. She expressed how she immediately went into protective mode as a parent when paparazzi took unauthorized photos of her son, describing it as an uncomfortable violation.

Rihanna emphasized that parents should have the right to decide when and how they introduce their child to the world, and she firmly believes in this parental prerogative.

Rihanna shares first photos and video of her baby boy

Rihanna and Rocky, upon finding unauthorized photos of their son, discussed how to address the possible release of these pictures to the media. They knew people were already making calls and deals regarding these images.

Rihanna decided to take matters into her own hands by sharing candid photos from her collection with a blog. She also created a TikTok account and uploaded a video of her baby boy, which quickly went viral. The baby was happily gurgling, smiling, and playing with his mother’s phone in the video.

Hollywood Unlocked managed to exclusively obtain and publish three photos of the baby, who was seven months old. One of the pictures showed the baby in a white onesie with a pacifier, while in another, Rocky held him up to the camera.

Rihanna gives fans an update on her second pregnancy.

In May, Rihanna updated her fans on her second pregnancy during an interview with E! News on the Met Gala red carpet. She mentioned that this pregnancy has been quite distinct from her first one, experiencing no cravings but plenty of nausea. Despite these differences, she enjoyed the experience, feeling good and full of energy.

Reflecting on Motherhood

Speaking before the Super Bowl, Rihanna openly acknowledged that achieving a work-life balance has proven to be incredibly challenging for her since becoming a mother. She expressed, “It’s a whole new ball game. Balancing things is nearly impossible because, no matter how you slice it, work demands tend to eat into the time you’d rather spend with your child.”

She emphasized that the value of time has shifted dramatically with motherhood and has become the top priority. When choosing which commitments to accept, considering the precious time away from her child, they must be worthwhile.

Rihanna’s son is in the cuddly stage.

In an interview with People, Rihanna provided a rare update about her six-month-old son last November. She described him as funny, happy, and pleasantly chubby, emphasizing that he was in an adorable cuddly stage.

Becoming a mother has led Rihanna to notice how much she resembles her mother, Monica Braithwaite. In a November interview with E! News, she shared how she finds it strange that she now imitates many of her mother’s mannerisms, from facial expressions to vocal habits, even how she clears her throat. These similarities seemed to have gone unnoticed until she became a parent.

Why she questioned if she is a “bad mom.”

Becoming a first-time mother can be quite stressful and filled with anxiety. In a recent candid interview with Vogue, Rihanna shared her doubts about her parenting skills. She questioned whether she was a “bad mom” because she chose not to have a gender-reveal party for her child.

Rihanna openly admitted that her decision made her doubt herself, so she sought advice from her doctor. She asked her doctor if something was wrong with her for not wanting a gender-reveal party, as people around her kept asking about it. She wondered if this made her a bad mom. She explained that when she and her partner are ready to share the news, they will do so in their own time.

Rihanna’s approach to parenting

Two months before her son’s arrival, Rihanna shared that she’s been picking up parenting advice from an unexpected source – the Real Housewives. In her third trimester, she told Elle about her connection to a particular Real Housewives cast member.

Rihanna admired Heather Dubrow, a Real Housewives of Orange County member, for her chic and relaxed approach to motherhood, allowing her kids to be themselves. Rihanna found this inspiring.

However, Rihanna also mentioned that she could be more like Teresa Giudice from the Real Housewives of New Jersey. She resonated with Teresa’s fiercely protective instincts for her children and admitted that she might become a bit of a “momma bear” herself.

Maternity Fashion and Rebellious Style

In January 2022, the fashion designer Rihanna joyfully announced her pregnancy and has since been showcasing her distinctive maternity fashion sense, flaunting her baby bump in various eye-catching outfits. Her style has embraced the unconventional, featuring items like belly chains and negligees.

Rihanna shared her perspective on her pregnancy fashion, explaining that she’s intentionally chosen not to follow conventional maternity clothing norms. She’s avoiding maternity-specific pants, jeans, dresses, and other items as society dictates. She’s charting her path.

Describing her maternity style as “rebellious,” Rihanna challenges the traditional maternity fashion she’s observed in the past. She believes her approach is breaking new ground and allowing her to have fun with her maternity style. Embracing this challenge has sparked her creativity, encouraging her to explore fresh ideas and innovative ways to express her unique maternity fashion.

Protecting Her Son’s Privacy

As a fiercely protective mother, Rihanna has protected her son’s privacy. She has been vocal about her discomfort and violation when unauthorized photos of her child circulate online. Rihanna believes that she and A$AP Rocky should have the right to decide when and how they introduce their son to the world, ensuring that he grows up away from the prying eyes of the public.

Rihana’s baby shower and celebrations

The singer’s baby shower was lavish and memorable in true Rihana fashion. Surrounded by family and close friends, Rihana celebrated the impending arrival of her little one in style. The event was filled with laughter, love, and adorable baby-themed decorations. Photos from the baby shower flooded social media, giving fans a glimpse into the joyous occasion. Rihana expressed her gratitude for the overwhelming love and support she received, further cementing the excitement surrounding her pregnancy.

The birth of Rihana’s baby

Finally, the moment everyone had been waiting for arrived – the birth of Rihana’s baby. The news broke when Rihana’s representatives confirmed the happy arrival of her little one. Details about the birth, such as the exact date and time, were kept private to respect the singer’s privacy. However, the joyous occasion was met with an outpouring of love and well-wishes from fans worldwide. Rihana took to social media to express her gratitude and introduce her bundle of joy to the world, sharing a heartwarming photo that melted the hearts of her followers.


The journey to motherhood has been a remarkable one for Rihanna. From the pregnancy announcement at the Super Bowl to the secret birth of her second child, she has managed to maintain a level of privacy while navigating the challenges of parenting in the public eye. As Rihanna and A$AP Rocky continue to embrace their roles as parents, the world eagerly awaits the day they will introduce their newborn son. Until then, we can only admire Rihanna’s strength, style, and dedication to her growing family.

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