Who Owns The Miami Dolphins: A Deep Dive

Have you ever wondered who the driving force behind the Miami Dolphins is? The answer is Stephen M. Ross. In this comprehensive article, we will delve into the world of the Miami Dolphins and explore the extraordinary journey of their owner, Stephen M. Ross. We’ll uncover how Ross’s vision, passion, and determination have transformed the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium into global icons. Join us on this exciting journey to learn about the man who made it happen.

Who Is Stephen M. Ross?

A Glimpse into Stephen M. Ross’s Life

Stephen M. Ross is a remarkable figure who has made a significant impact in the sports and real estate industries. He is the owner of the Miami Dolphins and a visionary leader who strives for excellence both on and off the football field. His unwavering commitment to excellence is evident in all his endeavors, making him an exceptional role model for aspiring leaders.

Born and raised in the vibrant heart of South Florida, Ross’s roots are deeply intertwined with the culture and spirit of the region. Growing up in this football-loving community, Ross developed an early and enduring passion for the Miami Dolphins. His love for the team runs deep, making his journey as its owner even more profound.

Ross’s story is one of inspiration, ambition, and determination. His rise to prominence and his dedication to the Miami Dolphins represent the realization of a lifelong dream. For many, owning their favorite sports team is a distant fantasy, but for Stephen M. Ross, it became a reality that continues to shape the Dolphins’ destiny.

Ross’s Investment in the Miami Dolphins

In February 2008, a significant milestone in the history of the Miami Dolphins occurred. This was when Stephen M. Ross stepped into the world of NFL ownership. With his substantial investment, he secured a position within the organization and ignited a new era of promise for the team.

Ross’s passion for the Dolphins is undeniable. For many fans, owning their beloved team is a dream come true. Ross’s journey as an owner is characterized by an unwavering commitment to the team’s success, which goes beyond the field. His devotion to the Miami Dolphins is not merely a business venture; it manifests his deep-seated love for the game and his desire to see the Dolphins excel.

With Ross’s investment came a remarkable transformation in the team’s performance and overall standing in the league. His ownership began a new era that promised innovation, dedication, and a relentless pursuit of excellence. Under his stewardship, the Miami Dolphins have seen a resurgence, and fans have witnessed the team’s growth and development, leading to newfound hope and enthusiasm for the future.

Stephen M. Ross’s ownership of the Miami Dolphins is not merely a financial endeavor; it’s a journey fueled by his passion for the team and his unwavering commitment to taking the Dolphins to new heights. The story of his investment is a testament to his enduring love for the game and the community surrounding it. Ross’s journey with the Miami Dolphins is more than just a financial venture; it’s a love story between a man and his favorite NFL team, and the transformation he has brought is nothing short of remarkable.

Transforming Hard Rock Stadium

The Evolution of Hard Rock Stadium

One of the most awe-inspiring facets of Stephen M. Ross’s ownership of the Miami Dolphins lies in the spectacular transformation of the iconic Hard Rock Stadium. Ross’s vision and dedication to excellence led him to invest $730 million in the stadium and its surrounding properties, heralding a new era in its history. The impact of this massive effort is nothing short of remarkable, as it has turned the stadium into a global entertainment destination that truly showcases the best of Miami.

Under Ross’s stewardship, Hard Rock Stadium has undergone an evolution that has captivated fans, visitors, and event-goers alike. The stadium is no longer just a venue for football games; it has transformed into a multi-purpose facility that serves as a cultural and entertainment epicenter. This evolution speaks volumes about Ross’s commitment to providing an unparalleled experience for everyone who walks through the stadium’s gates.

Beyond Football – A Multi-Purpose Venue

Hard Rock Stadium has emerged as more than just a football arena; it is now a hub where world-class dining, arts, culture, and luxury hospitality converge to create an extraordinary guest experience. Ross’s visionary approach has elevated the stadium’s status, making it a versatile venue capable of hosting various events.

The stadium’s versatility is evident in its ability to host events like Super Bowl LIV, the 2026 FIFA World Cup, and an array of major concerts and international soccer matches. This remarkable shift in purpose has added to the stadium’s legacy and redefined the role of sports arenas in the entertainment industry. The immersive experience created within Hard Rock Stadium goes beyond the boundaries of a traditional sports venue, giving visitors a taste of the best that Miami has to offer.

The State-of-the-Art Baptist Health Training Complex

Ross’s commitment to the success of the Miami Dolphins extends beyond the games played on the field. It is further exemplified by the creation of the Baptist Health Training Complex, a state-of-the-art facility designed to provide the team with a contemporary and welcoming training environment. This training complex, a testament to Ross’s dedication to the Dolphins’ triumph, is a meticulously planned facility that caters to every need of the coaching staff, players, and support personnel.

The complex boasts an impressive 217,200 square feet of space, featuring a 92,200 square foot indoor field, two full natural grass outdoor fields, and a state-of-the-art weight room with a cardio deck. Additionally, it houses cutting-edge facilities such as hydrotherapy areas, cryotherapy, and isolation tanks. Ross’s investment in this complex underscores his unwavering commitment to providing the Dolphins with the finest resources, ensuring they are at the top of their game.

The Dolphins’ Success Under Ross

Building a Winning Team

Stephen M. Ross’s ownership of the Miami Dolphins is not merely a financial venture; it’s a passionate commitment to turning the Dolphins into a winning team. Ross’s role goes beyond that of an owner – he is a dedicated supporter who recognizes that success on the field requires significant resources and visionary leadership.

Under Ross’s ownership, the Dolphins have consistently received the investment and support they need to build a team that can compete at the highest level. This commitment to excellence was evident when he appointed Chris Grier as the general manager. Grier’s appointment signified a significant step towards a brighter future for the Dolphins. However, Ross didn’t stop there; he later gave Grier full control of football operations, giving him the autonomy to make the decisions required for the team’s success.

Ross’s team-building approach is rooted in his deep passion for the Dolphins and his unwavering belief in their potential. He understands that winning requires more than just talent on the field; it necessitates a well-structured organization that can support the team’s aspirations. This commitment to providing the necessary resources and leadership has redefined the Dolphins’ trajectory.

A Turnaround Under Ross

The impact of Stephen M. Ross’s ownership is perhaps most evident in the remarkable turnaround of the Miami Dolphins. The team has seen substantial improvement under Ross’s leadership, marking a significant departure from past struggles.

One of the most significant milestones achieved under Ross’s ownership is the three consecutive winning seasons, a feat that the franchise had not experienced in nearly two decades. This success has rekindled the spirits of Dolphins fans, instilling hope and confidence in the team’s ability to compete at the highest level.

Ross’s innovative approach to team management has played a pivotal role in the Dolphins’ resurgence. One notable example is his decision to appoint Mike McDaniel as the head coach. McDaniel’s unconventional and forward-thinking coaching style was recognized by Ross, who saw in him the potential to bring new life to the team. This move paid off, as McDaniel’s leadership guided the Dolphins to the playoffs for the first time since 2016, ending a long postseason drought.

The Dolphins’ turnaround under Ross’s ownership is a testament to his commitment to excellence and ability to make bold decisions. He provides the resources and has the vision to recognize talent, both on and off the field, ensuring the team’s success.

Stephen M. Ross’s dedication to bringing a winning culture to South Florida has transformed the Miami Dolphins from a struggling franchise to a competitive force. As both an owner and a fan, his commitment to their success has reinvigorated the team and reignited the pride of its fans. This renewed focus has elevated the Dolphins’ stature in the NFL.

Beyond Football: Ross’s Impact on Miami

The Uniting Power of Sport

Stephen M. Ross is not your typical sports owner; he’s a visionary entrepreneur with an uncanny ability to think outside the box. He recognizes that sports have a unique power to bring people together, transcending borders and cultures. Ross’s creative thinking and passion for sports led to one of the most historic sporting events in North America – El Clásico Miami.

In 2017, Ross orchestrated a groundbreaking match between two football giants, FC Barcelona and Real Madrid C.F., right in the heart of Miami. This was a match that soccer fans could only dream of witnessing in North America. It was an event that not only captured the imagination of fans but also demonstrated the commercial potential of international soccer in the United States.

El Clásico Miami wasn’t just a soccer game; it was a testament to the unifying power of sports. The match attracted fans from across the country and even around the world. It brought people together, regardless of their backgrounds, to celebrate the beautiful game. This historic event still holds the record as the highest revenue-grossing soccer match in U.S. history. It exemplified Ross’s vision of using sports as a medium to unite people and create unforgettable experiences.

Hosting the Miami Open

When the Miami Open tennis tournament needed a new home, Stephen M. Ross stepped in to offer an innovative solution. His proposal was simple yet revolutionary – host the tournament at the Hard Rock Stadium. What followed was the creation of a custom tennis complex that is now considered one of the best in professional tennis.

The decision to host the Miami Open at the Hard Rock Stadium wasn’t just about providing a venue; it was about redefining the tennis experience. The custom-built complex offers players state-of-the-art facilities, and it’s not just limited to the athletes. Fans attending the tournament are treated to a top-notch experience, complete with world-class amenities.

Ross’s impact on the Miami Open goes beyond just hosting the event. It has become a testament to his innovative thinking and his commitment to enhancing the overall experience for both players and fans. By bringing the Miami Open to the stadium, he has not only breathed new life into the tournament but has also redefined how sports events can be hosted, setting a new standard for the industry.

The Formula 1® Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix

In April 2021, Stephen M. Ross assumed the role of Chairman and Owner of the Formula 1® Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix. Ross’s involvement in the event marked another significant milestone in his journey as a sports entrepreneur. The innovative racetrack designed by Ross and his team has proven to be a massive success, providing an estimated economic impact of nearly $800 million to the South Florida community in just its first two years.

The Formula 1® Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix has quickly become a marquee event, attracting motorsport enthusiasts worldwide. With its 5.41km length, 19 corners, and multiple DRS zones, the circuit provides a thrilling experience for both drivers and fans. Hard Rock Stadium sits at the heart of the circuit, creating a unique and dynamic atmosphere.

Ross’s impact on the event isn’t just limited to its financial success. The Formula 1® Crypto.com Miami Grand Prix has become a symbol of innovation and a testament to Ross’s ability to think outside the box. It showcases his commitment to bringing world-class sporting events to Miami and contributing to its economic growth.

Ross’s Commitment to the Community

Philanthropy and Local Support

Stephen M. Ross has a deep commitment to the Miami community that extends far beyond sports and entertainment. He recognizes the significance of giving back and creating a positive impact on the community that supports the Miami Dolphins. Ross has been instrumental in several philanthropic initiatives, and one of the most notable of these is the Dolphins Challenge Cancer.

The Dolphins Challenge Cancer is a testament to Ross’s dedication to local support and the well-being of the community. This initiative has raised more than $64 million for local cancer research, making a significant contribution to the fight against this devastating disease. Ross’s vision extends far beyond the football field; it extends to the betterment of the lives of the people in South Florida.

Ross’s commitment to philanthropy not only reflects his compassionate nature but also his understanding of the responsibility that comes with success. He believes in using the resources and platform he has to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those in need. The Dolphins Challenge Cancer is a shining example of his dedication to uniting the community in a noble cause.

A Year-Long Food Relief Program

In times of crisis, the true character of individuals and organizations shines. Stephen M. Ross and the Miami Dolphins Foundation exemplified this through their announcement of a year-long Food Relief Program in 2020. The initiative showcased Ross’s unwavering dedication to supporting the community during a time of great need.

The Food Relief Program was not just a token gesture but a substantial investment in ensuring that those affected by the pandemic had access to meals. This initiative provided 1,000 meals each day from Centerplate and local minority-owned restaurants to churches, community groups, and individuals facing food insecurity.

The commitment to helping those in need during challenging times reflects Ross’s deep sense of responsibility and empathy. His dedication to supporting the community during a crisis is a testament to his commitment to making a positive impact, not only through sports and entertainment but also through meaningful and tangible support when it is needed the most.

Honors and Recognition

Induction into the National Football Foundation Leadership Hall of Fame

In August 2019, Stephen M. Ross received a remarkable honor that underscored his outstanding leadership and commitment to the world of sports. He was inducted into the National Football Foundation Leadership Hall of Fame, a prestigious recognition reserved for individuals who have not only achieved the highest levels of success but have also exhibited the critical leadership qualities that transcend ordinary enterprises.

This induction was a testament to Ross’s visionary approach to sports ownership and his dedication to excellence. It recognized his role as a transformative figure in the world of football and sports management, setting new standards and blazing trails for others to follow. Ross’s leadership extends far beyond the financial aspects of sports ownership; it delves into the realm of shaping and influencing the very essence of the sporting community.

Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE)

Stephen M. Ross’s commitment to social change and the unifying power of sports led to the creation of the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality (RISE). This nonprofit organization has been at the forefront of promoting racial equality and using sports as a catalyst for positive social change.

RISE’s innovative and impactful approach caught the attention of the sports world and beyond. In 2017, the organization was honored with the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award, presented by ESPN’s Humanitarian Awards. This accolade celebrated RISE’s extraordinary efforts in taking risks and employing an innovative approach to assist the disadvantaged through the power of sports.

Stephen M. Ross’s involvement in RISE and the organization’s recognition through the Stuart Scott ENSPIRE Award exemplify the ethos of fairness, ethics, respect, and fellowship with others. It signifies Ross’s commitment to using his platform as a sports owner to drive meaningful change and make a difference beyond the boundaries of the sports world. RISE’s work in promoting social equality through sports showcases Ross’s dedication to making a positive impact on society, transcending the conventional expectations of a sports owner.

A Commitment to Philanthropy

In May 2013, Stephen M. Ross pledged to give more than half his estate to philanthropic causes and charitable organizations, including South Florida-based institutions. This pledge through the Giving Pledge initiative aims to inspire deeper engagement in philanthropy and increase charitable giving globally.


Stephen M. Ross’s journey as the owner of the Miami Dolphins is a testament to his unwavering passion for the team and his dedication to excellence. His vision has transformed the Dolphins and Hard Rock Stadium into global icons. At the same time, his commitment to the community and philanthropy showcases his desire to make a positive impact beyond the football field. Stephen M. Ross is not just an owner; he’s a game-changer in sports and philanthropy.

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