2021 Guide to Organizing Your Storage Unit 

Storing all of your stuff in your storage unit feels a lot like the game of Tetris, doesn’t it? Strategically figuring out where each item goes, stacking each box, and organizing the furniture can be time-consuming. As much as your expertise in Tetris can help, there is also a way to organize your storage unit while keeping everything easy to find. Here are a few tips that can help you get organized. 

Make a list of items you’re storing

Grab a pen and paper, and write down every single item that is going in your storage unit. Whatever it is, you’ll want to know exactly what and where it is. As tedious as it may sound, organizing a spreadsheet with photos, along with numbering where everything is, will help you when it’s time to move it all out! Your future self will thank you for putting in the time and effort it took to organize because moving out will be much easier for the whole process. 

Clear bins are often better than cardboard boxes

Cardboard boxes are simple and easy for the packing process, but when it comes to organizing the storage, it becomes overwhelming. With cardboard boxes, you have to find where you’ve labeled them, which can lead to a lot of box shuffling and frustration. Packing in clear bins negates that issue and creates a simple process. 

While the spreadsheet can help you know what’s packed away, the clear bins can help you locate your items. There might be a last-minute trip where you’ll need to find an item right away. If you had cardboard boxes, it could take forever to find what you need. Not to mention the hassle of removing tape from the boxes, looking through them, and taping it back up. Clear bins let you see exactly what is in the box and provide a quicker unpacking option. 

Save storage unit space with disassembled furniture

When you are organizing a storage unit, the first thought might be, “how should I store my bulky furniture?” Furniture can take up a lot of space, especially when it doesn’t get disassembled before being stored. We recommend disassembling the furniture and storing it upright. This creates a ton of space you couldn’t have if it wasn’t taken apart.. If you use this step of disassembling it, you will save yourself a lot of time in the future. 

Heavy and bulky items should go in the back 

Not only will this help the packing and moving process, but it will also be less stressful. There are many people who put the heavy stuff and bulky items in last, creating a very difficult way of getting to any of their other items without having to move them. This can sometimes be easy to forget when organizing a storage unit. We recommend all of the heavy boxes be stored at the bottom so everything else can be stacked upon them.

The items you will need more frequently go in the front

A lot of times people will pack the things they don’t remember they will need all the way in the back, or where it’s the least accessible. Your children’s old bed frame will most likely never be used whereas the clothes for next season will need to be accessible. This is where that list you wrote when you first started packing will help you determine what you will be needing more frequently than anything else. 

Is everything labeled?

Sometimes, you’ll use the storage unit for a few months, other times for a few years. It can be easy to forget what things are, and why you kept them. Grab some labels and label everything in the storage unit. This is part of the organizational process that everyone needs to have. You never know what will happen when you come back, or if you accidentally take the wrong bed frame and have to come all the way back. Trust us, labeling will save you. No matter how tedious. 


It’ll be worth it

When you try to organize your storage unit, it can become a game. These tips will help save the hassle, time, and stress that naturally comes with moving or storing items. The organization takes time, and it can be tedious. However, it will all be worth it when you visit your clearly organized storage unit. You’ll save your future self some time and be ready for your next move. 

We’d love to help! 

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