Storage Tips and Tricks

Whether you are planning a big move, or simply need to store valuables or extra items because you don’t have space in your home, self storage units are a wonderful solution. However, if you don’t take the time to carefully plan and utilize your storage space to the fullest, you can be left frustrated with a disorganized, cluttered, or wasted storage space. While often people think that using a storage space is simply a matter of moving things into your unit and getting the door closed, if you want to make sure that everything you store is safe and easy to access when needed, we have compiled some basic tips and tricks that can help you make the most of your self storage unit.

Tips for Packing and Preparing for Storage

Label everything – While you may think you will remember what is in every box, the more things you need to store, the more critical it is to label all the boxes and storage containers you are planning to stash away. Not only does this make it easier on your memory, but it also saves you time when you return to your unit for something specific.

Use packing blankets and packing peanuts to keep valuables secure and protected – It goes without saying, but you never know during a move if your goods will be jostled or if a box may accidentally fall to the ground. This is where packing blankets and packing peanuts come in – make sure to surround fragile goods with these useful materials to protect them from scratches or damage, and be sure to label boxes with these types of goods Fragile

Try to use the same size of box or storage container – Much like a game of Tetris, fitting boxes into storage is like a basic puzzle. If you can use a single (or two) type of boxes or storage containers, it will be much easier for you to fit the different things together. Different shapes of boxes often mean wasted space.

Use packing tape to be sure boxes stay sealed – This is important not only during the move, but also to keep out mold or mildew for example. Using a strong packing tape or duct tape to seal every box not only makes transporting goods easier, but also helps the box remain sturdier when you pile other things on top of it.

Fill up all of your boxes as much as possible – It seems like common sense, but the more boxes or containers you use, the more you will need to fit together in the unit itself. Try your best to not waste any space in each box or container you fill, as this will minimize how much you will need to fit together in the unit.

Make sure old tools and equipment are clean and safe – Be sure to drain tools of all oil, take the batteries out, and wrap up any cords with the tools themselves to avoid any accidents and also to avoid losing important pieces. Using oil or grease on metal tools also helps you avoid rust accumulating while they remain in storage.

Tips for Organization/Maxing out the storage space

Catalogue your items for storage – Especially during a major move, even the biggest storage unit can fill up quickly if you suddenly start realizing how many things you need to fit inside of it. Take some time beforehand to create a checklist of all the boxes, items, and miscellaneous things that you need to fit into your unit, so that you know exactly how big of a space you will need.

Make sure the storage flooring is clean, and use pallets to keep valuables off the floor – While most self storage facilities will be sure to give you a unit free from dirt or clutter, using pallets to elevate your belongings is key to prevent insects like silverfish or ants from being able to live below your belongings.

Divide your belongings into things you need access to and things that you rarely will – Before loading everything into your unit, consider which items you will need regularly (summer or winter clothing, camping supplies, etc) versus items which you will rarely need (old furniture or mirrors that you are storing for the future, for example). By doing this, you can load your unit logically and make sure that items you need frequently are stored near the door or access spaces so you don’t need to climb over belongings every few months.

Dismantle things that can be dismantled to save space – Most furniture can often be broken down into smaller pieces, which can save you valuable space, especially if you have a lot to fit into your unit. When possible, take apart your furniture, while being sure to save all bolts or screws in an organized fashion so that you can reassemble it in the future.

Consider space organizers or shelving to maximize your unit – There are many cheap options for shelving or storage organization available at your local big box store (or at the facility itself in some cases). Adding shelving or compartments can help you maximize the space of your unit, and keep things organized for easier access.

Make sure valuables and fragile items are stored smart – Anything labeled fragile should never be stored underneath other items. Also, mirrors and frames should be kept vertical and standing. If you leave these items laying down, they can easily be scratched or damaged accidentally during the move or when you access your unit for any reason.

One Final Tip

The more prepared you are for your move, the more you can be sure that you have chosen the right size of storage unit for your needs. While no one loves to do packing and prep work, the amount of time and money you save down the line makes this type of work worth it. Trust us!