Our Approach

Relax. It's Safe at SecureSpace!

SecureSpace locations are designed from the ground up to provide the best customer experience to our users with a focus on:

Seamless Digital Experience

Convenient locations

Useful amenities

State of the Art Security

Outstanding customer service

our seamless digital experience

Our Seamless Digital Experience

We know how busy our customers are and strive to make reservations, payments, and customer service as easy as possible from your home computer or mobile device. This starts with a website featuring tools to help you find the right unit, as well as the ability to reserve, pay, and sign your contract online. Move-in the same day during gate hours all on your own!

convenient locations

Convenient Locations

Our locations are strategically positioned to be close to our customers' homes and businesses with easy points of access from major roads.

useful amenities

Useful Amenities

With free Wifi, convenient lobbies and business centers, always clean restrooms, and electronic smart gates you can count on a trip to SecureSpace being consistent and easy.

state of the art security

State of the Art Security

Every SecureSpace location features a state of the art security system that is monitored by in-store staff along with our offsite security team to ensure maximum visibility.

outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service

We pride ourselves on our customer service - each site features friendly and well trained Store Managers available to help with your move in needs, as well as a call center and online chat so you can get in touch however you prefer.

We welcome the opportunity to serve you soon.

Relax. It's Safe at SecureSpace!