Camper Mattress Sizes & Dimensions: Choosing the Perfect Fit for Your Camper

Camper Mattress Sizes

If you’re a dedicated road warrior, you know the bliss of hitting the open highway and seeking adventures under the vast skies. But home comfort is just as important when you’re ready to unwind after a day’s drive.

That’s where the good ol’ RV mattress comes into play—or does it?

More often than not, RV mattresses aren’t your standard bed toppers. Camper mattress sizes vary, each meticulously tailored to fit the unique dimensions of various trailer, camper, and motorhome units, ensuring you always have a comfortable and convenient sleep space.

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll navigate you through the seas of sizes and dimensions, ensuring you choose the right RV mattress that’s both cozy and custom-fit for your home on the wheels. You can trust us to provide all the information you need to make an informed decision.

What’s the Difference Between an RV Mattress and a Regular Mattress?

The most significant difference lies in size and shape. RV mattresses are designed to fit smaller, custom spaces in recreational vehicles. They are typically lighter, may have rounded corners for a snug fit, and sometimes come in sizes you won’t find for a house bed, like the RV King (Short) or RV Three-Quarter. These unique features make RV mattresses a fascinating choice for your home-on-the-wheels.

Camper Mattress Sizes

There are a variety of camper mattress sizes.

Bunk mattresses come in various sizes, denoted by their width and length dimensions. They are usually found in campers with bunk beds, a staple of many family-sized RVs. For instance, an RV Bunk (Narrow) mattress might have a width of 28″ and a length of 75″, while an RV Bunk (Standard) could measure 30″ by 75″.

How to Measure Your RV Bed and Mattress

For Mattress Length

You should measure from the headboard or footboard to the nearest edge of the mattress to get the accurate length.

For Mattress Width

To measure the width, determine the distance from one side of the bed to the other at the widest point of the mattress.

RV Mattress Size Chart

To assist you in your mattress quest, here’s a comprehensive chart depicting various popular RV mattress sizes:

RV MattressRV Mattress Dimensions
RV Bunk (Narrow)28″ x 75″
RV Bunk (Standard)30″ x 75″
RV Bunk (Twin)30″ x 80″
RV Bunk (Wide)34″ x 75″
RV Bunk (Extra Wide)35″ x 79″
California King72″ x 84″
RV King (Short)72″ x 75″
RV King (Standard)72″ x 80″
RV King (Eastern)76″ x 80″
RV King (Alaskan)80″ x 98″

Types of RV Mattresses

There are different types of mattresses suited for various sleeping arrangements. Common types include memory foam, innerspring, and latex mattresses. Each has its own unique comfort levels and accompanying maintenance requirements.

RV King Mattress vs. Regular King Mattress

An RV King mattress offers all the comfort of a regular king-size bed but in a more compact form to fit the RV. The trade-off in space is minimal compared to the savings in weight and size, which are important factors in a mobile environment.

Twin RV Mattress Sizes

Twin RV mattresses are great for single-sleepers or smaller campers with limited space. The Twin RV Bunk and Twin Wide RV mattresses, with dimensions 30″ x 75″ and 34″ x 75″, offer versatility without sacrificing comfort.

RV Narrow King Mattress

For those requiring extra length for their tall frames, the RV Narrow King, at 72″ wide and 75″ long, is a perfect solution that will fit neatly into most RVs.

RV Truck-Size Mattress

Frequently found in truck campers and vehicles used for long-haul driving, the RV Truck mattress tends to be wider to accommodate for the potentially wider sleeping area.

Queen RV Mattress Sizes

The RV Queen mattress comes in various lengths but maintains the width of a traditional queen bed, making it a popular choice for couples on the go who don’t want to compromise on space.

RV Short Queen-Size Mattress

One of the most common sizes, the RV Short Queen, is 60″ wide and comes in either 74″ or 75″ lengths. It’s a winner for those looking for space-saving without skimping on roominess.

Bunk RV Mattress Sizes

Bunk mattresses cater to the smaller sleeping areas typically found in bunk beds within an RV. Because these beds are, by default, narrower, the bunk mattress sizes are ideal for a snug fit.

RV Three-Quarter-Size Mattress

A specialty size larger than a single mattress but smaller than a full one, the RV Three-Quarter provides a cozy option for solo travel or children’s sleeping areas.

RV Mattress Types

When considering the type of mattress, it’s essential to consider comfort, durability, and resilience to the mobile lifestyle. Memory foam absorbs movement, innerspring mattresses offer bouncy support, and latex mattresses provide firmness and temperature control.

Each type has its place with different RV owners.

Here’s a breakdown of each RV mattress type:

Foam Mattresses:

Foam mattresses are a popular choice among RV enthusiasts for numerous reasons. Their main appeal lies in the ability to absorb movement, making for a stable and comfortable sleep, even as the vehicle is in motion.

Additionally, foam mattresses are known for their adaptability to the body’s shape, providing personalized support that can help reduce pressure points, which is particularly beneficial for those spending extended periods on the road.

Available in various densities, foam mattresses can cater to a wide range of comfort preferences.

They are also relatively lightweight, an important consideration for maintaining fuel efficiency in an RV.

Innerspring Mattresses:

Despite the increasing popularity of foam and latex options, many RV owners have favored innerspring mattresses.

These mattresses have internal steel coils that offer a traditional bounce and enhanced support. The coil system also facilitates better air circulation, keeping sleepers cool throughout the night, a feature particularly appreciated in small, enclosed spaces like RVs.

Innerspring mattresses can vary greatly in firmness and comfort depending on the coil count and the thickness of the mattress’s top layer.

For RV owners looking for a mattress that closely resembles the feel of a traditional bed at home, innerspring mattresses provide a familiar, supportive sleeping surface that can make the transition to RV living more comfortable.

Latex Mattresses:

For those seeking a more eco-friendly option, latex mattresses stand out in RV bedding.

Made from natural or synthetic rubber, these mattresses offer a resilient and supportive sleep surface that conforms to the body without the sinking feeling sometimes associated with foam mattresses.

Latex is also renowned for its durability, potentially lasting longer than many other types of mattresses, making it a cost-effective option in the long run. Furthermore, its natural breathability helps regulate temperature, providing a cooler sleep experience—a significant advantage for travelers in varying climates.

Whether you prioritize environmental considerations, durability, or comfort, a latex mattress could be an excellent choice for your RV adventures.

Air Mattresses:

Air mattresses offer a unique and flexible solution for RV travelers seeking space and convenience.

These mattresses can be easily inflated to provide a comfortable night’s sleep and deflated for compact storage when not in use, making them ideal for RVs where space is at a premium.

Air mattresses come in various sizes and thicknesses, allowing users to customize the firmness by simply adjusting the air volume. This feature is particularly beneficial for couples with different comfort preferences.

Additionally, modern air mattresses are designed with durability, featuring puncture-resistant materials and built-in pumps for easy inflation.

While they may not offer the same level of support as foam or innerspring options, air mattresses are a cost-effective and versatile choice for occasional use, particularly for guests or short trips.

Gel-Infused Foam Mattresses:

Gel-infused foam mattresses are an innovative option for RV owners seeking comfort and a cooler sleeping experience.

This type of mattress incorporates gel beads or gel layers within the foam to dissipate heat and improve airflow. The result is a sleep surface that not only conforms to the body like traditional foam mattresses but also helps to regulate temperature, preventing the overheating that can sometimes occur with memory foam.

Additionally, gel-infused foam mattresses often combine the pressure-relieving benefits of foam with enhanced support, making them suitable for a wide range of sleep preferences.

They’re particularly appealing for those who travel in climates where temperatures fluctuate, offering a comfortable and restful night’s sleep regardless of the weather outside.

Hybrid Mattresses:

Hybrid mattresses bring the best of both worlds to RV owners, combining the supportive structure of innerspring coils with the comfort and pressure relief of foam or latex layers. This type of mattress is designed to offer the bounce and airflow of an innerspring mattress while also providing the contouring comfort of foam.

The coil base promotes durability and prevents sagging, making hybrid mattresses an excellent long-term investment for frequent travelers.

Additionally, the foam or latex layers can be infused with gel or other materials to

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some common queries travelers often have regarding RV mattresses.

Where Can I Buy a New RV Mattress?

You can find RV mattresses at specialized dealers, online marketplaces tailored to RV products, and sometimes even at traditional mattress retailers that carry an RV section.

Will Queen Sheets Fit an RV King Mattress?

While the sheet width for a queen-size bed is the same as for an RV King bed, the length may differ. Always make sure to check the mattress dimensions and choose the appropriate sheets designed for an RV bed.

Are RV Mattresses the Same Thickness as Home Mattresses?

In general, RV mattresses are thinner to save space and weight. The standard thickness for an RV mattress ranges from 5 inches to 8 inches, whereas home mattresses are typically 8 inches and up.

Can I Use a Regular Mattress in My RV?

It’s possible to use a regular mattress in your RV, but you’ll need to make sure the size aligns with your RV’s sleeping area, and you may need to modify the rig to accommodate the added size and weight.

Can You Use Regular Sheets and Blankets for an RV Mattress?

You can use standard sheets and blankets for RV mattresses but be prepared to tuck in and adjust the bedding to accommodate the different sizes and thicknesses. It might not create the sleek and snug look and feel that tailored RV bedding does.

By understanding the nuances of RV mattress sizes and dimensions, you are well on your way to customizing your sleeping experience to be as unique as your daily travels. Remember to measure twice and choose once, ensuring your selection reflects your comfort preferences and the practicality demanded by RV living. Happy trails and sweet dreams!

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