Hotels Midtown NYC

Are you ready to dive into the heart of New York City’s dynamic Midtown, where the energy never fades and possibilities are endless? Do you crave tranquility and glamour while traveling in Manhattan? Take a tour of some of the selected hotels midtown NYC, which are located within the cultural fabric of this lively city landscape. If you’re a perceptive tourist, a die-hard adventurer, or even a person who just likes New York, this guide will assist you in locating the perfect hotel that makes your stay more memorable.

1. Hotel 32 32: Where Luxury Meets Comfort

  • Rating: 7.8 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,539 reviews

Hotel 32 32 lies in the heart of among the finest hotels in midtown NYC, offering comfort and luxury to visiting tourists. This hotel offers large rooms and kitchens which can be used for a week-long or even month-long stay. It comes with unlimited coffee/tea, WiFi, and an award-winning restaurant that makes it popular among the elite.

2. New York Hilton Midtown: The Epitome of Convenience

  • Rating: 8.0 (Very good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,317 reviews

For individuals looking to remain in the city center, the New York Hilton Midtown is a great option. The hotel has huge rooms, suites, and interconnected rooms offering a home away from home. Guests can walk directly to Central Park, Rockefeller Centre, and Broadway due to its strategic placement. There is also an on-site restaurant, bar, and market so that all needs are met providing a stress-free vacation without leaving the resort.

3. 45 Times Square Hotel: A Perfect Blend of Style and Comfort

  • Rating: 8.4 (Very good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,001 reviews

At Times Square, 45 Times Square Hotel enjoys unique architecture to offer elegant hospitality settings and supreme comfort. As one of the best hotels in midtown NYC, it offers fully refundable reservations with different rooms for both business and leisure travelers. Guests are highly satisfied, as indicated by all the positive ratings provided.

4. Hudson River Hotel: Affordable Comfort in Midtown

  • Rating: 6.6
  • Review Highlights: 1,002 reviews

The Hudson River Hotel is a good cheap choice for comfortable accommodation. Its low prices coupled with its strategic location in midtown, which is among the affluent areas of town, makes it affordable but convenient to shop at. This can be seen from many positive reviews as guests attest to the affordable and comfortable stay without compromising service and cleanliness. The Hudson River Hotel is, therefore, your ideal getaway spot in the city center.

5. The Gregorian: Where Excellence Meets Elegance

  • Rating: 8.6 (Excellent)
  • Review Highlights: 1,000 reviews

However, the Gregorian remains the favorite among savvy travelers seeking impeccable service delivered in magnificent surroundings. With great reviews and an attractive rewards program, this is a swanky option for business travelers on a budget in one of the most reliable hotels in midtown NYC. The limited number of rooms further raises the level of the stay, adding extra luxuries and making each visitor’s stay one of a kind, especially for the ones who prefer high-quality hospitality.

6. Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan, An IHG Hotel

  • Rating: 8.0 (Very good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,158 reviews

Find ultimate hospitality with IHG’s legendary services in the Crowne Plaza Times Square Manhattan while experiencing the flair of Times Square. This hotel provides visitors with an incredible city skyline, luxury as well as convenience. Enjoy a gastronomic expedition to the onsite restaurant and occupy an enviable space smack in the middle of Manhattan. It’s no surprise that The Crowne Plaza gives the best experience no matter if you are a business or leisure traveler.

7. Holiday Inn Express – New York City Chelsea, an IHG Hotel

  • Rating: 7.8 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,003 reviews

For a comfortable morning takeoff, head over to Holiday Inn Express – New York City Chelsea, an IHG Hotel. Treat yourself to a delicious breakfast that we provide free of charge, combining easy access with comfort. It is the most trustworthy hotel in midtown NYC. It has an excellent reputation from midtown reviewers and a dedicated loyalty club. Begin each day with confidence that is full of energy and make each visit a delightful one. At the Holiday Inn Express Chelsea, we value your comfort so that you will find this comfortable to live even as you stay in our hotel.

8. Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave – Chelsea, an IHG Hotel

  • Rating: 7.2 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,001 reviews

Have an unmatched view of the city when you stay at Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave – Chelsea, an IHG Hotel. This is among the most budget hotels in midtown NYC offering city-view rooms. Get the best deal with unbeatable costs and great customer feedback about the quality of their services. Make sure your stay in New York City is enjoyable by checking into Holiday Inn Manhattan 6th Ave, where you will have all the necessary amenities at a fair price.

9. Truss Hotel Times Square: Rooftop Views and Refundable Reservations

  • Rating: 8.2 (Very good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,030 reviews

Have an exotic stay at Truss Hotel Times Square, where you get beautiful rooftop views, as well as flexible room bookings. One of the most wonderful hotels in midtown NYC has a loyalty program as well, and all bookings can be canceled before arrival and the amount will be returned in full. The Truss Hotel is well-suited for luxury-loving travelers on the go looking for a perfect combination of comfort and convenience amid Times Square.

10. The Life Hotel: Half the Price, Double the Luxury

  • Rating: 8.0 (Very good)
  • Review Highlights: 842 reviews

Located in Midtown, The Life at 50% off from its luxury rooms. Experience one of the finest hotels in midtown NYC like never before through fully refundable reservations and explore the true essence of this central district without worrying about any money-back guarantees. Experience a touch of class and comfort at unmatched rates such that staying with us at the Life Hotel will be worth remembering.

11. The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue

  • Rating: 7.4 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,001 reviews

Have a memorable stay at The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue. Best among all hotels midtown NYC gem is very conveniently placed with a 51% discount and has accumulated more than 1000 reviews giving it 7.4 stars therefore you are assured of satisfaction. You can book it with a full refund policy. Enjoy the central positioning, and have excellent value for money when staying on-site in the middle of the town. Discover an ideal mix of convenience and cheapness at The Hotel @ Fifth Avenue.

12. Romer Hell’s Kitchen

  • Rating: 9.0 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 192 reviews

Visit Romer Hell’s Kitchen with its five-star rating of 9.0. Delight in our alluring 10% sale on your booking. Choose our fully refundable offer as a way of booking your place at once while still giving yourself a choice of paying when possible to suit your convenience. Experience a gastronomical expedition at Romer Hell’s Kitchen with a special offer.

13. Pestana CR7 Times Square

  • Rating: 8.4 (Very Good)
  • Review Highlights: 525 reviews

Enjoy VIP access and an exclusive experience at Pestana CR7 Times Square, the most luxurious choice. Immerse yourself in the heart of Midtown Manhattan by enjoying a 30% discount. Enhance your ride with unparalleled comfort and style at a fraction of the price, and ensure a memorable and luxurious experience among iconic Times Square residents.

14. Heritage Hotel

  • Rating: 7.8 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,002 reviews

With over 1,000 reviews, The Heritage Hotel has a solid 7.8, a testament to its stellar reputation. Offering affordable pricing, it stands out as among the smartest choices for hotels in midtown NYC stay. Enjoy comfort, value, and positive feedback from discerning guests, making The Heritage Hotel a reliable and satisfying choice for your accommodation needs.

15. The Gallivant Times Square

  • Rating: 6.2
  • Review Points: 2,607 reviews

Despite its 6.2 rating, The Gallivant Times Square stands out in terms of overall returnable inventory, making it a worthwhile choice. Centrally located and affordable, this hotel offers conveniences that won’t break your budget. Consider Gallivant for practical and conveniently located accommodation in the heart of Times Square.

16. Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York

  • Rating: 8.6 (Excellent)
  • Review Highlights: 2,294 reviews

Experience unparalleled luxury at the Executive Hotel Le Soleil New York, where an impressive 8.6 rating of excellence. Upgrade your stay with a 10% discount on this fully refundable option, ensuring not only an outstanding selection but exceptional value as well. Indulge in luxury and comfort while enjoying the assurance of a premium experience at an exceptional price. Indulge in the finest accommodation, where every detail has been designed to make your stay comfortable and give you unforgettable memories.

17. Paramount Times Square

  • Rating: 6.8
  • Review Highlights: 1,565 reviews

Find affordable and vibrant accommodations in Paramount Times Square, and you’ve got an impressive 6.8. The hotel’s location in the heart of Times Square guarantees proximity to the city’s vibrant energy. Offering budget accommodations, guests can immerse themselves in Manhattan’s vibrant atmosphere without hurting their wallets. Experience the convenience and vibrancy of Times Square at the Paramount, where a happy stay doesn’t come cheap.

18. Residence Inn New York Manhattan/Central Park

  • Rating: 8.8 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,000 reviews

Enhance your stay at the Residence Inn, where comfort and convenience meet. Enjoy complimentary breakfast, a fully equipped kitchen, and reliable WiFi. this is among the best hotels in midtown NYC has an outstanding 8.8 rating ensuring a comfortable and easy experience for your extended stay. Choose a Residence Inn for a harmonious mix of amenities, making it the ideal choice for hassle-free luxury accommodations.

19. Broadway Plaza Hotel: A Marvel in Midtown

  • Rating: 9.0 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 1,400 reviews

The Broadway Plaza Hotel is situated in the bustling and vibrant neighborhood of Midtown, offering guests a refined and elegant atmosphere with unparalleled comfort. With an impressive rating of 9.0 (Wonderful) from over 1,400 reviews, this hotel has established itself as one of the most highly-regarded accommodations in New York City. Experience sophistication and luxury at its finest with a stay at the Broadway Plaza Hotel.

20. Pod 51

  • Rating: 7.8 (Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,206 reviews

Try to enjoy Pod 51’s specialty which is outdoor dining adds value to your stay. Enjoy 10% off inexpensive yet comfortable rates. One of the top hotels in midtown NYC ensures that it is affordable yet still maintains high quality giving visitors memorable and economical stay. Pod 51 adds comfort to affordable accommodation and makes the experience unique.

21. Hotel Riu Plaza New York Times Square: Where Luxury Meets Convenience

  • Rating: 8.8 (Excellent)
  • Review Highlights: 3,585 reviews

Experience the highest level of luxury at Ameritania Hotel at Times Square, conveniently situated right at the midpoint of Midtown and adjacent to Times Square. With a staggering 8.8 score and glowing testimonials, our dedication to top-notch service and comfort shines through. Make use of this exceptional offer for a 42% discount and turn your vacation in Hotel Riu Plaza into a sensational price reduction and unforgettable holiday!@pagebreak

22. San Carlos Hotel: A Haven of Wonder in Midtown

  • Rating: 9.2 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 999 reviews

Find sophistication and wonder in the San Carlos Hotel. This is a five-diamond award-winning hotel that boasts nine out of ten stars with a special 12% discount offer at the Midtown hustle and bustle! Its enviable atmosphere and quality service have earned glowing reviews to make it one of the best hotels in midtown NYC for a heavenly and high-end hospitality experience.

23. Pod Times Square: The Heart of NYC is also a Modern Comfort

  • Rating: 8.6 (Excellent)
  • Review Highlights: 3,676 reviews

Situated within a contemporary setting, Pod Times Square scores highly with an average of 8.6; this is a clear indication that it values relaxation. The hotel is well-priced ($338.17) and stylish in midtown for those looking for a combination of style and affordability at the center of the city.

24. Ameritania Hotel at Times Square: Very Good, Very Affordable

  • Rating: 8.4 (Very Good)
  • Review Highlights: 2,361 reviews

Ameritania Hotel at Times Square gets the right blend of worth and value. With eight point four, very comfortable is the word that describes this choice. One of the most reliable hotels midtown NYC offers at the hotel is a very good deal at a 15% discount. This provides quality accommodations at cheap prices. Have an enjoyable, quality stay that will not strain on your pockets.

25. Iberostar 70 Park Avenue: VIP Access to Excellence

  • Rating: 8.8 (Excellent)
  • Review Highlights: 1,005 reviews

Enjoy VIP service at Iberostar 70 Park Avenue rated as 8.8 and get a special offer of 30%. This hotel successfully combines affluence with cost-effectiveness which is among the much-appreciated hotels in midtown NYC by selective tourists. The hotel’s ideal location and impressive service make the experience unforgettable, leaving people seeking the best balance between comfort and worth.

26. Arlo Midtown: Where Luxury Meets Modernity

  • Rating: 9.2 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 4,426 reviews

Explore today’s ultra-modern comfort at Arlo Midtown located in the middle of Midtown. The hotel is highly commended by guests with a score of 9.2, who laud the professionalism and relaxation it offers. This is justified by matching the price point to the exceptional experience and hence, Midtown is rated first class.

27. Chelsea Inn: The gem of Midtown Crown

  • Rating: 8.0 (Very Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,000 reviews

Explore a Midtown gem – Chelsea Inn with a score of 8.0. Affordable accommodation that harmonizes quality and budget. It is an exceptional retreat for people who wish to enjoy their vacation without having to sacrifice comfort of course and money too. Enjoy life to the fullest at the Chelsea Inn.

28. The MUSE New York

  • Rating: 9.0 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 1,001 reviews

Don’t miss out on incredible discounts this Black Friday & Cyber Sale at The MUSE New York – a highly-rated hotel. Enjoy large airy rooms in a strategic position close to Times Square. Grab yourself some amazing, and one of the most unique hotels midtown NYC package deals in the middle of Manhattan.

29. Thompson Central Park New York, part of Hyatt: Holidays by Central Park

  • Rating: 9.0 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 366 reviews

Experience the best of life in sophistication at Thompson Central Park New York with a score of 9.0. It is a perfect holiday resort located just footsteps away from renowned sites such as Central Park, Broadway, and Fifth Avenue Shopping. It is too pricey though the luxurious experience together with the central location makes it quite justifiable spending for those who want to experience an amazing stay in NYC.

30. Pod 39: Stylish retreat in the middle of midtown

  • Rating: 8.6 (Excellent)
  • Review Highlights: 1,276 reviews

A cool getaway to pod 39, an elegant blend of fashionable designs and cozy comforts in escape form. With a score of 8.6 it has a fantastic 10% discount and so should appeal to discerning customers. Pod 39 offers one opportunity to combine looks with service to have an unforgettable experience.

31. Best Western Premier Empire State Hotel

  • Rating: 8.8 Excellent
  • Review Highlights: 520 reviews

The best Western Premier Empire State Hotel located near the famous Empire State Building will provide one of the most accommodated hotels in the midtown NYC experience. This hotel knows how to make an impression and has 520 glowing reviews to prove it. This is a cheap one for any traveler who has a budget, priced at $390.58 (including all taxes and fees).

32. CitizenM New York Times Square

  • Rating: 9.2 Wonderful
  • Review Highlights: 1,191 reviews

CitizenM New York Times Square is perfect for people who want to have a great time in Midtown Manhattan. It has 1,191 ratings and it is rated 9.2. This means that you can enjoy total flexibility and still get a refund if you do not like what you find. The price is at $501.39 with tax and fee inclusive and this is fair regarding the services in question and location.

33. Margaritaville Resort Times Square

  • Rating: 9.0 Wonderful
  • Review Highlights: 2,679 reviews

The midtown paradise is Margaritaville Resort Times Square. With a choice of a full refund at $577, a total of 2,679 glowing reviews speak highly of its offerings at $421.12. Sign in for special savings, and upgrade your trip to the core of the metropolitan. Have a feel of luxury and comfort at the heart of Times Square vibrancy.

34. Club Quarters Hotel, Grand Central

  • Rating: 8.4 Very Good
  • Review Highlights: 1,657 reviews

Take advantage of among the most high-quality hotels in midtown NYC for stay and nearness to Grand Central at Club Quarters Hotel, Grand Central 4 stars which has over 1657 user comments. The comfort and convenience are well mixed here in offering them a fully refundable option of $461.136 tax inclusive. Make your travel easy and stress-free by choosing excellent accommodation amidst the bustling city.

35. Hotel Edison Times Square

  • Rating: 7.8 Good
  • Review Highlights: 3,604 reviews

Explore the best moments of Hotel Edison Times Square at just 30% of your pocket with the original $569.91 reduced to a cool $398.94. This includes taxes and levies amounting to $507.57 only. With a total of 3,604 reviews and its affordable price tag, it still offers the best quality of accommodation while ensuring you are placed in the heart of it all.

36. Concorde Hotel New York

  • Rating: 9.0 Wonderful
  • Review Highlights: 1,013 reviews

With a 10% discount off the original price, Concorde Hotel New York has a very good review rating of 985/1013 guest reviews. The present price with taxes and charges is $554.04. Hurry up! There are only six rooms at this low, and luxurious rate left!

37. Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel

  • Rating: 8.8 Excellent
  • Review Highlights: 1,002 reviews

Experience luxury at the Fitzpatrick Manhattan Hotel with a fantastic score based on 1,002 reviews. Enjoy a risk-free holiday at $500.24, fully refundable. Taxes and additional fees are added up to reach $7519. Hurry, only 2 rooms left. Take advantage of this prestigious hotel’s promise of excellence before it is gone forever.

38. The New Yorker A Wyndham Hotel

  • Rating: 8.0 (Very Good)
  • Review Highlights: 3,624 reviews

Enjoy a pleasant visit at The New Yorker A Wyndham Hotel with only two rooms left at $398.94 per room. The most well-reviewed 3624-rated hotels in midtown NYC costs $518.57 including taxes and fees. Enjoy affordable accommodation at the center of the town to make your trip memorable.

39. CIVILIAN Hotel

  • Rating: 9.2 (Wonderful)
  • Review Highlights: 1,166 reviews

Experience relaxation at The CIVILIAN Hotel, which has been rated by 1,166 reviews, with an attractive rooftop garden. Your cost is $535.65 inclusive of tax and others making it a total of $618.65. Take advantage of special offers while enjoying the Midtown experience with us. Have a beautiful vacation at the CIVILIAN hotel where you will enjoy luxury, convenience, as well as pocket money savings.

40. Millennium Hotel New York One UN Plaza

  • Rating: 8.0 (Very Good)
  • Review Highlights: 1,520 reviews

At the Millennium Hotel New York One UN Plaza, rated with 1520 reviews. The three rooms available now cost $467.01, adding up to $574.16 inclusive of taxes and other charges. Enjoy the prestige of amount the most reputable hotels in midtown NYC as you collect stamps of loyalty. Do not have a chance to spend a good time in the center of New York?

41. NYC Empire Apartments: Contemporary Comfort in the Heart of Midtown

  • Rating: 6.8
  • Review Highlights: 115 reviews

Come explore the modern-day oasis of NYC Empire Apartments amid Midtown NYC. This paradise has a rating of 6.8 on comfort and convivence and provides a discount of 10% for smart tourists. It has everything necessary for people who appreciate all modern conveniences in the very center of Manhattan, or Midtown, New York City.

42. Virgin Hotels New York City: An Oasis of Luxury

  • Rating: 8.8
  • Review Highlights: 633 reviews

Go for a grand vacation at Virgin Hotels New York City with a very high grade of 8.8 and a large swimming pool. For this full refund option, one is assured of a first-class stay, as shown by 633 glittering reviews on it providing such excellent service. Enjoy the peak of luxury and hospitability at Virgin Hotels where all the details are tailored and made to satisfy you.}

43: Hotel Boutique at Grand Central

  • Rating: 8.4
  • Review Highlights: 1,001 reviews

Experience the charm and ease of Hotel Boutique at Grand Central with a magnificent 8.4 score. Its prime position, a whopping 1,001 reviews, and alluring feedback speak volumes about its draw. For individuals who want comfort and easy accessibility, this will be one of the best choice hotels in midtown NYC pleasuring conjunction with convenience.

44. YOTEL New York Times Square: A Great Price for Modern Comfort

  • Rating: 7.0
  • Review Highlights: 2,256 reviews

YOTEL New York Times Square offers state-of-the-art comfort at an affordable cost. This is among the most trustworthy hotels Midtown NYC is rated seven and provides a forty percent cut off meaning that travelers on a tight budget can remain in Midtown. Let style be a way leading you to the heart of NYC at the YOTEL, which is the perfect combination of stylish and wallet-friendly.

45. RIU Plaza Manhattan Times Square: Exceptional Luxury at a Discount

  • Rating: 8.8
  • Review Highlights: 2,596 reviews

Book accommodation in RIU Plaza Manhattan Times Square for exclusive luxury at an affordable price. This is a fully refundable package that has an impressive rating of 8.8 and you can get a 42% discount to enjoy. A treat for a picky tourist, enjoy your royal stay which is both luxurious and pocket-friendly. Travel better with this special promotion at RIU Plaza ManhattanTimes Square.

46. Kixby: Where Wonder Meets Comfort

  • Rating: 9.0
  • Review Highlights: 1,007 reviews

Kixby stands as a wonder with the highest rating at 9.0. It speaks volumes about the perfect blend of luxury and hospitality as more than a thousand glowing reviews attest. It is considered outstanding by guests who have always rated it as being highly opulent and warm.

47. NH Collection New York Madison Avenue: VIP Access to Midtown Elegance

  • Rating: 8.4
  • Review Highlights: 417 reviews

Experience VIP-level luxury at NH Collection New York Madison Avenue that makes elegance and comfort blend into one concept.” With a score of 8.4 concerning 417 reviews, the guests at the Midtown will find a refined escape for distinguished patrons. Take your stay to the next level and enjoy the highest class of hospitality at NH Collection New York Madison Avenue.

48. Citadines Connect Fifth Avenue New York: Comfort Meets Convenience

  • Rating: 8.0
  • Review Highlights: 1,004 reviews

Enjoy a fusion of comfort and convenience at Citadines Connect Fifth Avenue New York. This hotel has 8.0 ratings out of a possible 1,004 reviews making it among the best choices for vacationers with impeccable tastes who desire to stay in the epicenter of Midtown. Enjoy ultimate luxury and class when you visit Citadines Connect Fifth Avenue, New York.

49. Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel, Midtown: Where Comfy Meets Luxury

  • Rating: 9.0
  • Review Highlights: 1,010 reviews

Envision enters a realm where elegance and coziness converge, welcomed with a cordial invitation from Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel, in Midtown. This hotel offers an amazing stay with a commitment to perfect cleanliness and lightning-fast Wi-Fi, and it has an impressive 9.0 rating and over 1,010 wonderful reviews. Enjoy a genuinely enjoyable stay at Staypineapple, An Artful Hotel, and discover the ideal fusion of design and comfort.

50. Park South Hotel, part of JdV by Hyatt: A Rooftop Retreat

Rating: 9.2

Review Highlights: 1,000 reviews

The famous Park South Hotel, part of JdV by Hyatt portfolio with a 9.2 rating, invites you on a unique short escapade to explore a hidden gem for an unforgettable rooftop experience. Visit renowned rooftops, and eat at 3 superb eateries in Midtown for an exceptional sensation. At Park South Hotel, every moment is engineered to the point of precision hence making it a destination that exceeds all expectations.


Selecting a suitable hospital in Midtown NYC will improve your experience of the city that never closes. The different choices available at Midtown provide something for everyone’s taste and pocket. These hotels offer great skyline views and convenience points as bases for anyone who wants to visit the hustle and bustle of Midtown Manhattan. Therefore, carry your belongings, grab your loyalty stamps, and let’s go into the center of NYC.

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