Our Mission

SecureSpace Self Storage is one of the fastest growing Self Storage platforms in the USA with assets located primarily in high-density, urban markets. With a focus on exceptional customer service and upgraded security features, SecureSpace provides a high-quality experience that our customers can count on in any store they visit.

Relax. It’s safe at SecureSpace.

Our Values

Work with integrity

Be honest with ourselves and our coworkers - always when it's easy, especially when it's hard.

Be transparent in our communication

Share a clear view of processes, facts, and direction so all are equipped with the same information.

Include all and be collaborative

All are welcome, and we invite others to share knowledge across departments and seniority.

Win as a team

We win and lose together, everybody is accountable to our success.

Be respectful of the capital

Drive decisions with respect for both human and financial capital in mind.

Family is our core

Our work is in service of our families.